My signature 4 Anti-Ageing Serum contains high concentration of Renovage™. I can write about the science underpinning this ingredient for a long time but a picture is worth a thousand words. We take all criteria into account when assessing a face, it is the cumulative effect we see. Our faces age at an individual pace.

“She looks her age…” you might say observing a face with very few wrinkles but sagging, pigmentation spots, dull complexion and rough texture.. On the other hand, firm, uniform and glowing complexion with a few lines spells the “she looks young” verdict..

Have a look at how European and US companies use the manufacturer’s data in pictures [above] and words: Renovage™ has long been used to heal stomach ulcers inhibiting inflammatory cytokines and increasing the activity of heat shock proteins to make the tissue more resistant. It has been proposed Renovage™ reduces redness and sun spots and minimizes skin pore size, and can help firm and tighten sagging skin. The proposed mode of action is “inhibition of shortening of telomeres” [the end caps of DNA] that naturally shorten small amounts with each round of cellular replication. However, Renovage™ may work simply by reducing inflammation in the skin, which has benefits both in the short-term [decreased redness, lessened swelling] and long-term [reduced signs of ageing, loss of collagen, etc.].

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