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Personalised Facial Yoga: May Offer

Learn personalised Facial Yoga for lifting and relaxation (60 minutes) Individual session £40 Group of 3 people £15 each You will learn how your unconscious feelings are displayed in the face and...

23rd April 2018
An image for a blog about the benefits of facial massage

Demonstrating the Benefits of Facial Massage

In preparation for my talk on touch at the Anti-Ageing Conference in London, I am looking at evidence for facial massage. Massage appears to influence the entire face and this may be one reason...

23rd April 2018

Interview with The Eco Well. Episode 2.

In this episode, we took a deep dive into cosmetic products. We spoke about what a cosmetic product is, effective active ingredients for different skin types, cultural differences in how we treat...

11th April 2018

Interview with The Eco Well: Episode 1

My interview with The EcoWell in Canada on skin biology and skin ageing. Enjoy! In this episode, we covered skin biology, including the structure of your skin as it relates to cosmetics, skin...

20th February 2018
An image for a blogabout having radiant skin in winter

How To Have Radiant Skin in Winter

Lightening & Brightening skincare should reflect that the skin is challenged by transition from cold outdoors to warm indoor temperature in winter.  The range of brightening skincare products...

29th January 2018
An image of a model to illustrate a blog about New Year's resolutions in skincare

A New Year, A New You in 2018

New Year’s Resolutions? Approach your skin with a long-term view in 2018. Understand trade-offs of your chosen therapies. Small step by step changes bring significant improvement in the...

9th January 2018
Pure Beauty Awards Logo

Shortlisted: Pure Beauty Awards 2017

“I’m very proud to have reached the final of the Pure Beauty Awards with my 4 Anti-Ageing Serum. I’m competing against big budget international skincare brands.” I am delighted that my...

5th September 2017
An image for a review of Marks and Spencer Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

M&S Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream Review

The UK skincare market is price conscious and focused on feel-good textures. At times, the ‘feel’ can only be achieved by adding non-natural, texture forming ingredients within the...

19th January 2017
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