Faceworkshops clinic

Established in 2009, FaceWorkshops is my Beverley based clinic and skincare consultancy. I provide objective recommendations which are informed by 20 years of experience in both the beauty industry and skin science.

I offer event talks, skincare parties, private consultations and skincare treatments. Following a personal skin consultation, full skin type analysis and tailored treatment, I provide a direct route to beautiful, clear and healthy skin.

I support the natural methods of facial yoga and reflexology. As a result clients have skin with greater definition. Through tailored product recommendations and a personalised routine, clients look younger and rediscover their own beauty.

Katerina Steventon Clinic Quote

A delicate balance

Beautiful skin comes from delicate balance within a person’s daily routine. Firstly, skincare products, facial massage and exercise are essential but diet and lifestyle are also important. Therefore, great results are delivered in subtle, step-by-step changes over time. Taking care of our skin is a learnt and ongoing lifestyle choice. Most of all, as with exercise, our facial skin benefits from a regular routine that should be personalised, pleasant and change with the seasons.

At FaceWorkshops, I recommend tailored skincare routines to improve individual skin concerns such as lines and wrinkles, sagging, spots and pigmentation. I work only with skincare products that deliver true visible benefits. I do not work for any brands as as a result so I have no sales goals. Consequently, my recommendations are completely objective.

A photograph of a young woman with clear skin
A quote by Dr Katerina Steventon about facial massage being an alternative to Botox

Feel more confident

People come to me for a number of reasons, from specific skincare problems to a desire to look younger or less stressed and feel more confident. My clients appreciate my approach that bridges the gap between beauty therapy and dermatology. They  especially respect the fact that my advice is impartial. In fact, I am one of only a handful of experts worldwide who are independent.

I don’t believe in a radical and quick fix that can go wrong and cannot be reversed. My methods advocate skincare products with proven effectiveness combined with the natural methods of facial yoga and reflexology. These, along with facial massage, work together to achieve definition and improve the tone of the facial muscles. These methods nurture both the mind and body, making people feel more relaxed, and making their skin look smooth and radiant.