Our face is different from the next person – it reflects our health and wellbeing and tells our life story. It is a map of our life that shows how have we integrated our experiences over time. Research suggests that we can read other people’s faces in terms of age and health to give a personal measure of attractiveness.

The aim of this service is initially to develop a Personalised Skincare Routine. Ongoing consultations are complimentary to my regular clients to help them tailor their skincare products and therapies to seasonal changes in skin.

Personalised Skincare Consultation (60 mins) £250, either in person or by Zoom call.


Online questionnaire

Prior to any consultation I ask you to complete a questionnaire looking at your skin, current skincare, medical history, lifestyle and factors that influence your purchasing decisions. I use this information to establish what skincare products and routines would suit you best, taking into account your lifestyle preferences and individual budget.

Personalised skincare consultation includes

• Skincare consultation focusing on recommendations of skincare brands with superior efficacy, appropriate for your skin type, concerns and lifestyle.
• Hands-on skin diagnosis and introductory facial treatment [not for SKYPE or phone consultations] You will receive your Personalised Skincare Programme by email within three days of our discussion.



“You spoke knowledgeably about the products and I was comfortable that you knew what you were talking about – this is a great positive over someone at a beauty counter. You were independent and recommended a range of products – again another advantage over a beauty counter. The samples were really useful so I could feel and see the products for myself. You gave comprehensive advice which has had a positive impact on my skin and changed the way I cleanse it.

I have recommended you to friends as I have changed my skincare routine and it has definitely improved. The issue for me is time and even booking… in advance is a challenge and always left to the last minute. I think that may be an issue for a lot of working women as even weekends are often booked up.”

EPK, Marketing Agency Director

Visiting Katerina on a regular basis also encouraged my commitment to a routine of daily skin care and regular massage treatments which over time provides benefits. Finally, Katerina has a deep knowledge of the science of skin care products and the skin itself, which very few practising therapists actually have and I think she provides a unique service because of that.”

JSE, age 51, Sales Representative