As I am putting final touches on the Mindful Evening Facial Massage Chart, I refer to the work done by Professor Mark Williams in Oxford on Mindfulness Meditation.

Stress and anxiety make our skin prone to premature ageing, our facial expressions – transient at first – but repeated time and again become ingrained in our face as deep lines and wrinkles. Be it the frown lines that show the strain of a high management role or the exaggerated crows’ feet apparent in people who care for their relatives at home 24/7.

In a search for new ways of helping my clients to relax, I appreciate techniques that combine science with ancient tradition. Mindfulness meditation does just that. It has been proven to calm the mind and improve well-being [as well as dealing with more serious issues such as depression and anxiety].

Meditating whilst massaging your face might be easier for some than pure meditation – it is a form of self-care and “doing” – and there is an additional intimate and relaxing benefit in touching your face. An interesting link to brain science.

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