Facial acne is difficult to hide. Research suggests that adult acne is on the increase and affects a significant percentage of women up until their late 40’s. Even a mild acne can badly impact on women’s quality of life (QoL) and self-esteem in the long-term.

Acne is a skin disease and belongs to the hands of a dermatologist. However, mild, physiological form of acne – also called spots or blemishes – and defined as Leeds score 0.25-0.75 or 1 – 4 lesions and or comedones on one side of the face, can be addressed with personalised skincare, a specific extraction technique and dietary advice.

In Germany, collaborative links exist between a dermatologist and beauty therapist and I am trying to replicate the model in the UK.

Deep Cleanse Treatment 45 mins £50

Testimonials from my clients

“I took the decision to have a consultation with Katerina because I was due to get married and was desperate for a better complexion on my wedding day. I had always had trouble with my skin struggling at different times with dry, sensitive, oily, spotty skin despite being well beyond my teenage years.
From my first consultation, Katerina put my mind at rest. With her in-depth skincare knowledge she worked with me to try to find products that suited my skin (and bank balance!) and after my first facial my skin felt fantastic! Her facial massage techniques are nothing that I had ever experienced before but seemed to rejuvenate my skin.
I cannot recommend Katerina highly enough, I had beautiful skin for my wedding day and continue to have regular facials and consultations with Katerina. I would urge anyone who is not happy with their complexion to try Katerina, I feel I have wasted a lot of money over the years on facials where you are encouraged to buy products from a specific range rather than ones that would suit your skin. Katerina’s well-informed approach is refreshingly different.

LCT, age 30, Solicitor

“I have suffered with jawline/neck acne for 4 years and acne in general since adolescent. I have tried conventional medicated creams and the contraceptive pill, but nothing really touched it. I had monthly facials at a beauty clinic which didn’t have any effect apart from relaxation and I have even changed my diet and included vitamins which had helped to a certain point but I would still suffer with large flare ups on a monthly basis with bright red, angry and painful spots which made me feel really low.
I read about Katerina in a local newspaper. Through monthly facial cleanses with Katerina pinpointing the specific problematic areas and a dedicated routine which is easy to follow at home including exfoliation and masks, my skin has improved beyond belief in just 4 months. I have reached the point now where the flare ups are limited and manageable, and I don’t have to spend ages covering my spots with makeup before leaving the house!
I am absolutely delighted with the results.”

RB, age 34, Marketing Manager