My story

My journey into skin science began in Southern Bohemia, in the Czech Republic, where I grew up, discovering plants that work wonders for teenage skin. As a start to my career in medical science, I trained as a beauty therapist, opened my first beauty salon in 1991 and worked for the prestige brands of Shiseido and La Prairie. My MSc. degree involved self-tanning and my PhD led me to explore skin science and the effects of the menopause on facial skin.

In my 30s, I travelled the world searching for new skincare and wound care technologies for Smith & Nephew Wound Management – a dream job where the world of patients’ psychology, healing and commercial aspects of medical skincare came together. It was by looking at skin from a medical angle that I experienced first-hand how important both science and “the human factor” are for skin health and well-being. Advanced science and technologies can heal the skin but caring human touch helps to re-connect with ourselves and our environment.

I launched my private practice in 2009 in Beverley, East Yorkshire. After my daughter Anya was born, I decided to go back to helping people to feel good about their appearance and look after their skin.

I now work as a consultant to large and small skincare brands, helping them with innovation and product development; a scientific speaker presenting at skin science and beauty conferences globally and a writer with work published in online and industry publications as well as a book, recently. I publish my research in on my personal blog, exploring the science behind healthy, youthful-looking skin and bring the research and expertise into my clinic to transform my clients’ skin

My Anti-Ageing Serum ‘4’ and Radiance Eye & Lip Serum ‘9’ have been finalists in the Best Skin Care Treatment and Best Premium Anti-Ageing Product Category of the Pure Beauty Awards 2017 and 2018.

Genuinely healthy skin requires work

We all have different skin types that change depending on the season, daily lifestyle and routine, stressful times and our in-the-moment mindset. Really feeling the skin of the face becomes a learnt habit; it reveals its underlying needs – hydration, resilience or more of a glow. Turning attention to a facial routine twice a day is not luxury.

A routine with gentle, effective touch and timeless skin feel designed to stimulate or soothe, at the right moment, can enhance our being. The state-of-art research I have explored for many years suggests that, as humans, we innately appreciate care and attention in many ways. In my products and blogs, I want to share this with you.

Face of young woman with good complexion

Skin is an emotional envelope

The upper layers of our skin sense the environment and reflect the rhythms of our body. Darkness and light, warmth and cold, movement and rest are experienced differently by the skin. The cells receive a range of signals, such as light, sound and scent, and, at the same time, signals from the inside of our bodies, physical and emotional.

We are visual beings and our skin can be “read” by others for signs of health and happiness, reflecting the strength of our immune system. People are innately aware of what is going on with us. A great skin feel, or the way we feel in our skin, is essential for reinstating our radiance and the sense of self. We can enhance the skin feel by products and gentle, powerfully effective techniques of their application. When stressed, we also intuitively touch our faces and working with these patterns soothes our skin, the pleasure comes from touching the right receptors in the right way.

Natural plant-based ingredients combined with my scientific knowledge

Plant ingredients nourish our skin well, yet at times an advanced ingredient is required to bring ou! the best of a modern, anti-ageing formula.

To discover the product textures with all senses – skin-feel, touch, smell – is the right way in approaching any routine. I explain how I use the power of plants for each of my products and how the interplay of nature, science and tailoring to your rhythms of a day or a season work so well.

A photograph of 9 skincare serum by Dr Katerina Steventon
How touch affects skincare product effectiveness

Touch is essential to skincare

When we touch our faces and experience pleasure, the signal runs from the skin to the brain, evoking a release of hormones to soothe us. The touch reinforces and expands us and our wellbeing – we de-stress instantly and ‘self-medicate on emotion’. Some old traditions have practised this intuitively, turning their thoughts inward to recharge and feel happier. Science now has enabled us to rediscover this art again. I explore how touch enhances wellbeing in my blog.