Skin Science & Private Practice: My Story

My journey into skin science began in Southern Bohemia where I grew up, discovering plants that work wonders for teenage skin. As a start to my career in medical science, I trained as a beauty therapist, opened my first beauty salon in 1991 and worked for the prestige brands of Shiseido and La Prairie. My MSc. degree involved self-tanning and my PhD led me to explore skin science and the effects of the menopause on facial skin.

In my 30s, I travelled the world searching for new skincare and wound care technologies for Smith & Nephew Wound Management – a dream job where the world of patients’ psychology, healing and commercial aspects of medical skincare came together. It was by looking at skin from a medical angle that I experienced first hand how important both science and “the human factor” are for skin health and well-being. Advanced science and technologies can heal the skin but caring human touch helps to re-connect with ourselves and our environment.

I launched my private practice in 2009 in Beverley, East Yorkshire. After my daughter Anya was born, I decided to go back to helping people to feel good about their appearance and look after their skin.

I now work as a speaker at skin science and beauty conferences globally; a consultant to major skincare brands, working primarily in product development; and a writer whose work is published in a range of print and online outlets. I combine this with my work at my clinic and my personal blog, which explores the science behind healthy, youthful-looking skin.

I am member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists (BABTAC) and my Anti-Ageing Serum ‘4’ and Radiance Eye & Lip Serum ‘9’ have been finalists in the Best Skin Care Treatment and Best Premium Anti-Ageing Product Category of the Pure Beauty Awards 2017 and 2018.

A video introduction to my ethos and approach to skin science and my belief in personalised skin care is below. I hope you enjoy it!

A photo of Dr Katerina Steventon on the page Skin Science & Private Practice: My Story
A quote about the importance of the diagnosis of skin type in skin science


I work with a number of and work with a number of industry bodies with the aim of building relationships and advancing skin science.
The Society of Cosmetic Scientists lfull member logo

I am a full member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

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I am part of the YCF Cosmetics Cluster.

Logo of BABTAC, the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology

I am a member of BABTAC.

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