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Multi-tasking Moisturisers: Meeting Consumers’ Needs?

I was invited to give a talk on facial skincare to the skincare industry last week and when preparing for the talk I came across a few insights that are worth sharing:

Understand the importance of Night Care. Although more than 8 in 10 British women use face creams daily, only 3 in 10 apply a night cream every night. As this is something I come across also in my private consultations, I would like to encourage you to use an appropriate night care if you want to see results!

Invest In Your Face. Modern skincare is effective – a good routine can deliver benefits comparable to the benchmark dermatologist treatment. The Brits spend about half on facial skincare compared to the French and yet they feel “they spend lots of money”.  Learn to enjoy using your skincare products and make them a pleasant part of your daily life.

Slow Down. Long working hours in Britain and the fact that 3 in 10 women are losing weight have an impact on premature lines and wrinkles. Fast paced lifestyle and quick-fix solutions are not beneficial for your face in the long-term.

Synopsis – Multi-tasking Moisturisers: Meeting Consumers’ Needs?
Skin concerns change during our lives and factors including age, health, hormonal influences, lifestyle and even seasons play a significant role. Market research indicates that skincare products are still unable to be truly multi-tasking and fully meet complex consumers’ needs, even with currently available advanced technologies. Understanding the physiological changes going on in our skin that underpin these concerns is essential for formulating clinically and commercially successful skincare products. Focusing on facial moisturisers, this presentation will explore the latest understanding of consumers’ needs in line with the British ageing narrative and scientifically proven claims of chosen marketed skincare products.

Source: http://www.bacsnet.org/uploads/attachment/538/multitasking-cosmetics.pdf

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