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The Habit of Frowning “Computer Face”

There is a growing evidence that more women in office-based jobs are developing a “computer face” and premature signs of ageing. Working long hours in front of a computer screen results – in a decade or so – in sagging  jawline, “turkey neck” and deep-set wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.

It is a habit. When stressed or thinking hard, people often put on a grumpy face to appear more serious. 

  • Concentration leads to frowning and squinting that overtime brings on the frown lines.
  • Sagging is due to shortened neck muscles and sitting in one position for too long.  This repetition leads to pre-mature signs of ageing – and in two decades of looking at the screen – these may be really significant.

To me, it is not the Botox but small changes to break the habit include:

  • taking regular screen breaks
  • stretching neck muscles – Dr Prager, a London cosmetic surgeon, also recommends “Kiss the ceiling” exercise we teach in facial yoga classes
  • and raise your computer screen higher so that you are not looking downwards at it.

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Source: Eccles, L. Screens put years on you.  Daily Mail Sep 2010.

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