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Cost of FaceLift = 12 Years of Facial Massage

In terms of facial ageing, prevention works always better than repair! A facelift in your 50’s and 60’s or 12 years of relaxing facial massage – the price is the same!

  • Dr Frances Prenna Jones, a London based dermatologist, states that a British woman starts to show signs of facial ageing at the age of 26. And it is not a coincidence that in continental Europe, the age of 27 is the point when women start investing into their preventative facials.
  • In Britain this is not always the case – as with any preventative treatment, we might not see and therefore appreciate the long-term benefit. We are busy building our families and professional life, and give more attention to our bodies, yet not the face. The consequences of inadequate care come later, when we reach the menopause, for a British woman around the age of 51.
  • Reduced levels of estrogen lead to a sudden drop of hydration, increase in lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging. The sun damage done in our teens and twenties comes to the forefront as an uneven pigmentation. We wake up wanting a radical, quick fix!

The costs of a face lift with a good surgeon goes to £7000 – £8000 in the UK. There is a risk associated with any surgical procedure that we might not be entirely satisfied with the final result, subject to our individual skin and bone structure, ability to heal and our psychological well-being. The same investment would get you more than 12 years of monthly facials – preventative and relaxing treatment that becomes a part of our lifestyle.

We pay great attention to our hair and have a hair appointment at least once a month. But our facial skin is a living organ, far more delicate and susceptible to damage that is difficult to repair than our hair that can always grow back.

Our facial skin requires regular attention and professional care, one-off pampering is not a solution. Contrary to common belief, it is not the skincare products – these work mainly on the skin surface – but the treatment of facial muscles that support the structure of our face, facial massage and facial yoga – that are the key in anti-ageing!


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