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On Beauty And Ageing

By 25th September 2010December 7th, 2016No Comments

For so many women, life gets better in their later years. They grow into their looks and trade in their spotless perfect skin for experience and self-fulfilment. But if we are all living longer on average, we are going to spend most of our lives “not being young” and we might as well embrace it.

Women complain of becoming invisible to men in middle age and research supports this as our programming. But older women have their life experience written into their faces – all these fascinating, inspiring, individual stories. Young girls have inimitable, peachy, smooth skin with their future unmapped in their faces.

We can surgically enhance till we are blue in the face but we can never be beautifully young again. Instead, lets embrace our experiences and cherish the face that shows how interesting life we had.

Source: Walter H. Beauty and truth. Harpers Bazaar, August 2010, 76.


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