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The Art of Ageing by Diane von Furstenberg

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“People believe that old age starts at 54 and youth ends at 32. The Government calls for reappraisal of attitudes towards age, given Britain’s rapidly ageing population.”   A survey by the Department for Work and Pensions

How To Age Well

“If I feel good, I am more confident and function better. I’ve learnt to love what I have. I’ve learned that as I age, less is definitely more. I decided never to change my face and embrace how I age. You have to do it with joie de vivre.”

“The great news about ageing is that you’re living and that you have had a full life and have wonderful memories. The sad thing is that you have less time ahead of you. Every day that goes by I look a little less good – that is the truth. My advice to women is:

  • Don’t hide your age, either by saying you are younger than you are or hiding it by erasing features in your face. It is all about acceptance.
  • Embrace who you are as soon as possible when you are young. Like yourself. Have a discipline. Try to be alert – have your body follow you, have your mind follow you.
  • Embrace where you are at in life, every age brings a different pleasure. Feel relevant, active, working, curious. Live fully so that you cannot pretend you have not lived.
  • I am afraid that changing my face surgically would make me feel insecure. I would rather be me, without erasing the life that can be seen in my face, erasing me.

  Diane von Furstenberg for Sunday Times

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