Ageing in Figures

According to Unilever research, these are the factors that bring about good ageing in 40 – 70 years old women.
In China
Less sun exposure – 2.9 years younger
Working indoors – 6.5 years younger
Pre-menopause – 3.5 years younger
Frequent use of moisturiser – 2.4 years younger
Frequent use of night cream – 2.4 years younger

In Spain
Eating fruit and veg every day – 2.1 years younger
Healthy diet – 1.8 years younger
Never using a sunbed – 5.7 years younger
Ever used HRT – 2.5 years younger
Frequent use of moisturiser – 2.8 years younger
Non smoker – 1.8 years younger
Falling asleep quickly – 2.5 years younger

Also in my practice – healthy lifestyle, lots of sleep and a good skincare routine accounts for 80 % of success in delaying skin ageing.

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