With so many shades of grey between the facial and the scalpel, to age gracefully is not to do nothing but to look like you’ve done nothing.” Kelly Gilbert 


What are your expectations of a facial? Is it that “the glow” in your complexion will be short-lived and what you are really paying for is a quiescent body and mind? Are you reaching a point when – lovely and relaxing as a traditional facials are – you need to do more?  From a biology-based point of view, ageing should be considered in three dimensions:

  • the surface of your skin
  • the internal skin structure
  • the underlying muscles.

There is no quick fix that can stop ageing but a careful and diligent routine can help you look younger and slow down the rate of ageing. Go for facials with elements that were once mutually exclusive – pampering and lasting results. 

SEASONAL PEEL. For brighter complexion, have a seasonal peel twice a year [spring/autumn].

The benefits include:

  • brighter and even skin
  • enhanced skincare penetration and improved performance of active ingredients
  • fading of the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring.

Use products with a mix of acids (combination suitable for your skin type, not aggressive and irritating) that will make you mildly red afterwards but induce no flaking when removing the dull surface skin.

FACIAL YOGA & MASSAGE. For internal skin structure [collagen production/alignment] and soft, supple facial muscles.

Just as you layer your skincare, layer up your treatments to ensure you are ageing as slowly as you can.

  • DAILY. Reclaim your jawline without surgery with your daily facial yoga routine.
  • FORTNIGHTLY OR MONTHLY. Once or twice a month, invest in a professional facial massage that nurtures your inner wellbeing + lifts the jawline. The duration and intensity of touch should be personalised.
  • BOOSTER [SEASONAL OR FOR A SPECIFIC EVENT]. As a series of treatments, the radical Chinese face-lift massage works on relaxing [or stimulating] specific facial muscles and leads to an energetic face.

Modern skincare is a multi-faceted mix of facial exercise, therapy and products that needs to be personalised to your budget, lifestyle and needs.


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