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New vs. Innovative Skincare

Launching new or innovative skincare products?

The beauty market is saturated, yet in perpetual need of NEW products (35 % of purchases annually) that are not always scientifically relevant or innovative..

  • PACKAGING. Creating value in the eyes of the consumer often stems from packaging – at least for people that don’t have difficult-to-treat skin types or too many ageing concerns.
  • CONVENIENCE. Mobile purchases are becoming more popular than  desktop and Google favours e-commerce sites that are mobile friendly. The online journey and feeling welcome on the site – as well as product reviews are becoming extremely important.

After all, the beauty industry is about talking to people..

Packaging needs to appeal, be simple and fit for purpose – but at the end of the day, it is only the outer shell of the product.

SKIN BIOLOGY, LIFESTYLE & COMPLIANCE. Buying skincare differs from other beauty purchases. Your skin type is unique and the factors that influence you individually depend on genetics and lifestyle – efficacy, the right choice of active ingredients and sensory aspects of skincare products come first! The price, quality, size and prestige attributes are secondary.

Go shopping when:

  1. you understand your skin type and active ingredients that alleviate your concerns
  2. know how to layer your products
  3. know how your skin changes during the day and seasons
  4. appreciate how does it feel when your skin is well hydrated.

Only then look at packaging and convenience of your store or e-store.

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