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Be Smart About Anti-Ageing Skincare

Looking good for your age feels fabulous. And quality skincare does not have to break the bank – the results are also in your (and your facialist’s) hands. 

Facial creams are only a part of the solution. It is the professional facial massage (every 4 – 6 weeks) and a personalised daily “at home” care that make the difference!

  • 1. Go shopping for a PERSONALISED bargain. Ask questions of your beauty therapist so that you can respect their credibility. A good skincare specialist will be able to save you money on efficacious products. We all love a bargainbut only if it works!
  • 2. Save money by PROTECTION and PREVENTION – at any age. Be diligent with your skincare routines. Use a gentle cleanser and a serum underneath your moisturiser. Use a mask regularly and learn the art of skincare layering. Remember that skincare has a shelf life – change your products every season.
  • 3. RELAX YOUR FACE in the evening by bespoke facial yoga and a gentle massage routine.
  • 4. Invest in regular PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS. Only 25 % of British women invest in facial treatments. The Brits worry about appearance and facial ageing but don’t do much about it. Having a facial has not been ingrained in women since childhood (as in France) or demanded by the society (e.g. USA).


As the Parisians say – enjoy the face you have today. It is the one you will wish to have 10 years from now.

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