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FaceWorkshops Case Study: Su-Man Massage

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Daily facial massage is essential for youthful looks. We have tried an Asian Technique brought to the UK by the London facialist Su-Man.

What They Liked About It
• A simple and quick massage – so easy to follow * felt good * fits well within skincare routine
• Quick to do & easy to understand – yet need to keep referring to video.
• I particularly liked the ear rubbing and the stroking movements and the massage behind the ears, neck and cheek muscles.
• I did find that holding the position for a number of seconds made things slow down and was almost meditative.

“What I liked most about it was the feeling that I was doing something good for myself, it felt self-nurturing and that felt nice

Feeling the Benefit?

I found it really woke my face up, made my eyes feel and look less tired, left me feeling more alert. It felt stimulating. The stroking moves at the end felt quite calming and soothing. Overall I felt a bit uplifted by it.
• Skin looked brighter. Relaxing especially the gentle sweeps at the end.
• My face feels glowing after the massage * I feel enlightened.

Face feels alive and cared for * I did have a sense of release in some area – particularly around the nose and ears.

  • My face feels a little tingly and more awake. I felt more alert afterwards.

What They Did Not Like As Much

As with any new technique, one of the participants – advanced in massaging her face daily – felt the massage was not “in-depth enough for her”. Another was not so keen on the pressure point parts, especially on the eyes as she found that a little uncomfortable – but “felt as if it was perhaps doing some good”. Some participants were surprised at how tender their eyebrows were when applying gentle pressure, especially inner eyebrow.

In Summary: This is a Morning Massage. Awakening. Making you feel Bright & Alert. Be gentle applying pressure at pressure points to start with

Many thanks to the participants of the June Mini Case Study.


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