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Your Face: My Personal and Professional Journey

By 10th October 2015December 6th, 2016No Comments

People’s faces interest me – they convey so much about our nature, feelings and life experiences!

The nostalgic weather in mid November always reminds me of the days, when the Berlin Wall came down and the Velvet Revolution took place. I was at my first year at University studying biochemistry. Born in a small town in southern Bohemia, biology and plants in skincare always fascinated me and, like any girl at that age, I wanted to have a clear, glowing skin. The Czechs have a strong tradition of herbal remedies and spa therapy – not many people know that the London facialist, Eve Lom, as well as the “10 Years Younger” Channel 4 celebrity surgeon, Jan Stanek, are also Czech.

In my second year of University, the government opened a new route to professional qualification for people who had A-levels, so I qualified as a Beauty Therapist. I loved it and had about 20 clients till I graduated in 1994. My MSc was in self-tanning of the skin and had fun experimenting with facial self-tan. During my studies, I was fortunate enough to work for Shiseido in Japan and later for La Prairie in Switzerland.

I found travelling the world amazing! The Asian cultures place a great emphasis on skincare and youth – my stay in Japan in particular was truly inspirational. I went on to do a PhD in Transdermal Absorptions [research into plant compounds, phytoestrogens, passing through the skin with a therapeutic effect and their benefits for menopausal skin] in Finland. I moved to the UK in 1998 to work in the wound-healing industry [Smith and Nephew] in roles ranging from skincare science to strategic marketing. In 2010, I went back to the Eastern therapies by qualifying as a facial reflexologist. I believe they offer huge benefits that can offset the ever-so-busy British lifestyle.

Ever since, having the hands-on facialist’s approach is invaluable. My credibility stems from achieving results and I understand which ingredients and massage strokes really work. A year in making, I have launched my hybrid 4 Anti-Ageing serum [yes, 85 % organic], a result of my scientific and personal journey, last week.

I hope to encourage women & men interested in youthful appearance to read the INCI lists of their skincare and massage their faces. Facial massage should not be a luxury – but a part of our everyday life as much as a good book or a nice cup of coffee!

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