Look and Feel Confident

“A good face is the best letter of recommendation”. Queen Elizabeth I.

Since pre-historic times, human communication has been mainly visual and it remains so today – we convey emotions through our face. We also still possess the ability to read the faces of others and evaluate their well-being. We form many assumptions about a person based on their physical appearance when we meet them for the first time. Make-up can increase our attractiveness and scientists have shown that attractive people enjoy many advantages in life – they are judged as happier, smarter and more successful.

  • The way we look even correlates with our health – our skin mirrors the strength of our immune system.
  • When we become unhappy with our facial skin, be it through a mild skin disorder (like rosacea or acne) or signs of ageing (lines and wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation), we are prone to psychological distress.
  • It is unfair that the prevalence of skin issues increases steadily as we are ageing and our society does not judge visible ageing of our faces kindly. We don’t receive as sympathetic a response as someone suffering from other physical ailments may do and often feel low and rejected.

Foundation & The Lip Stick Effect 

We tend to explore different strategies to boost our confidence, retain a youthful appearance and positive attitude. Foundation plays a key role in achieving desirable skin and recent market data has shown that its sales has risen significantly during the recession. When putting on a brave face we want to look our best but even the best make-up looks better on an even canvas..

Nothing can really substitute for radiant, clear and healthy facial skin. If you want to feel more confident, invest in your skincare consciously. It is an important step, on par with a dental care or other preventative healthcare checks!


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