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Why Some Women Look Young For Their Age

By 8th December 2009December 6th, 2016No Comments

We all desire to look young for our age.  But what features are the most important and tell a stranger “how old we really look”?  A popular area of research by Chanel, Estee Lauder, Olay…

  • Also Unilever has recently carried out research into the facial appearance of female Danish twins (aged 59 to 81) and British women (aged 45 to 75).
  • They found that the most important factors are wrinkles (due to sun-damage), gray hair and lip height and also the structure of subcutaneous tissue plays a role. Genetic and environmental factors are equally responsible for all but grey hair and lip height.
  • The research confirms what we knew for some time now – that having larger lips, avoiding sun-exposure all year round and possessing genetic factors that protect against developing grey hair and skin wrinkles and sagging will make women look younger!

The 4 most important things to do:

  • 1) A light tone of lip gloss and great upper lip definition,
  • 2) advanced skincare (with SPF in our day moisturiser),
  • 3) facial yoga and professional massage (to work on the subcutaneous tissue in our cheeks and jawline) and
  • 4) well, a bit of hair colour – but also good eyebrow & eyelash shape and colour – will make a real difference!



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