What women want is to look like better versions of themselves, without losing their expression and character. Nowadays, they are more vary of looking “done” than old – in light of celebrity images where Botox, injectables or surgery went wrong! Facial expression is crucial for basic human interaction. Lines are a proof that we’ve lived -we get them when we laugh and express ourselves. The mentality that encourages women to emulate perfection is about the safety of belonging. (Dr C d’Felice: Dare To Be You, Orion). In transforming themselves into living dolls, women feel they fit.

Forget the “ideal” image – when it comes to beauty, it’s time to embrace your unique features

  • Your face is your business card – learn to care for it. Make sure you are doing 99 % right in terms of skincare, facial yoga and relaxation.
  • Make a point of noting the positive aspects of your appearance in the mirror before you critique the negative.
  • Cosmetic procedures can offer benefits but the dangers arise when they erase the features that give personality to a face. In general, people dislike the lack of variety that often comes with these procedures – and although we strive to look fabulous, we should also look real.

Source: Betts, H. Busting the beauty myth. Psychologies August 2010

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