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Stratum Corneum: The Top Layer of Skin

Stratum corneum, as many of you will know, is the top-most layer of the skin and for a long time it has been thought to be only a “passive shell” that holds in all the more important organs. Nowadays we understand that this wonderful and smart layer protects us from the environment, senses what’s around us and also gives away information about our own well-being. It shows very well what is going on inside – whether we are in love, embarrassed or chronically ill.

  • Stress and Ageing of the Face – The prestige skincare brand Estee Lauder have looked in the past at what role day-to-day psychological stress plays in skin ageing and how our skin reacts.
  • Taking Care of Dry Skin in Winter – Topical for this time of the year, much research is still devoted to dry and sensitive skin. Primarily the Dove brand (Unilever) and Nivea (Beiersdorf) are looking into the worsening of winter dryness – tightness and redness that people with dry skin experience in cold weather. Glycerol and urea are beneficial, although my favourite is hyaluronic acid.
  • Olive Oil in Skincare is Not Beneficial – Olive oil is a staple ingredient of many natural and organic skincare products. Research from the University of Sheffield shows that, although it opens up our skin to enable active compounds to penetrate deeper, it also allows the water from our skin to evaporate more and makes the so called “skin barrier” incomplete. That is detrimental to all skin types as our skin becomes more open to allergens and environmental insults (sun rays, dust, bacteria). Use other plant oils when massaging your face!


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