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The Sensory Connection in Skincare

By 27th July 2011December 7th, 2016No Comments

Do you like your skincare? How does your skin feel after you apply your moisturiser? What about the texture? And scent? Does it absorb instantly or leave a residue?  Is it too rich or not enough?

  • That is a very subjective question that underpins the efficacy of your skincare. Your perception of whether “a product works” is also influenced by your feelings about the skincare formulation.
  • Different people with different skin types have different views and expectations, although they usually cannot articulate them. That is why we read reviews about a product being too rich or not rich enough and our view differs.

Skincare manufacturers attemtp to buld this “sensory connection” into the skincare to complement the product story and efficacy. They know that we need to fall in love with our skincare to buy it again and apply it diligently every day.

Using the left brain and right brain analogy – the rationale of efficacy and the sensory connection both have to be right!

Is your skincare working for you?

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