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Facial Expressions Lead to Permanent Wrinkles at 40

By 10th February 2010December 7th, 2016One Comment

From Temporary Lines to Permanent Wrinkles

  • Wrinkles develop progressively through our lives. When young, we only see temporary lines when making a facial expression.
  • Later in life, lines and wrinkles become visible permanently. It is the mechanical stress caused by repeated facial expressions along the same skin groove that makes temporary lines become permanent wrinkles.
  • The most significant period of change is in the 40s!  Light skin tone and low hydration make our skin more prone to wrinkling. Also a low intake of water and a belief that tanned skin is healthy looking skin will contribute.

A Tipping Point

  • Research presented at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in San Francisco shows that skin elasticity and resilience has a tipping point at about 35 years of age. Compressing the skin of a 20-year old and that of a 40-year old skin with the same amout of stress and force – a skin compression imaging device – shows a big difference in the ability of the skin to withstand pressure. In a study of 100 women aged 25 – 55, skin power gradually declined through their 20’s and early 30s but dropped precipitously at their mid thirties. This is due to collagen and elastin, skin’s two main structural components, being damaged by oxidation (UV rays, pollution and intrinsic stress).
  • The damage builds up till the scaffolding can no longer hold it at bay and the loss of elasticity and thickness shows as textural changes in our face e.g. wrinkles and sagging. It is a dramatic shift rather than slow degrading overtime but whether it is at the age of 35 depends on how much damage you’ve had accumulated so far.

What To Do

  • Attend a Facial Yoga Party to see how your feelings show in your face and “unlearn” your bad habits e.g. frowning.
  • Be gentle with your face – avoid stretching and pulling, particularly your jawline and eye area.
  • Use the right skincare products. Come for a personalised skincare consultation to establish the correct routine.






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