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£256 Worth of Products In Your Handbag

Each British woman carries in her handbag daily £256 worth of skincare and make-up according to department store Debenhams. According to research, the average cosmetic bag is made up of 13 products each costing in average £20.

  • 95% of women admitted that they wouldn’t go anywhere without mascara followed by 79% of women who said a bottle of perfume was a must in their handbags.
  • Meanwhile 76% of women revealed that they could not do without foundation. The average price for a bottle of perfume was reported to stand at around £50 while the average foundation was priced at £25.
  • The research also revealed that women between 35 to 44 years old were those with the most valuable cosmetic items in their bags, with consumers in London, Glasgow and Leeds carrying the most make up especially on a Friday when they get ready for a night out.

Source: http://www.cosmeticsbusiness.com/news/article_page/Average_value_of_a_womans_make-up_bag_is_256/59091

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