//Mavis’s Mother’s Day Makeover Win

Mavis’s Mother’s Day Makeover Win

A Pocklington grandmother who won a Mother’s Day competition has a new look and a portfolio of photographs.

Mavis Goodwin, 58, was nominated for the competition to reward a deserving Mum with a series of relaxing and anti-ageing facial massages by her daughter, Jayne Bell, who wanted to give her mum some valuable ‘me time’ from her role as a full time carer to Jayne’s father.

Organised by FaceWorkshops in conjunction with Mark Kensett photography, the competition attracted many deserving entries but we were so moved by Jayne’s nomination that we awarded the £600 prize of a three month course of anti-ageing facial massages plus a photo shoot package to Mavis without hesitation. As Mavis reached the end of the course of  facial massages that have helped to energise and tone her skin; she said; “Not only is my skin glowing, but I have benefited in other ways, too.  It has helped to take away stress, and forced me to make time for me and to relax.  It’s been lovely and Mark’s photos are a great reminder of my experience.”

Mavis’s daughter Jayne accompanied her mum to some of the treatments. “My dad had an accident three years ago that left him brain damaged, unable to speak and totally reliant on Mum, so the last three years have been a real drain on her both emotionally and physically.  After each treatment, it was as if a weight had been lifted from mum’s shoulders and a light was shining within her. I said in my nomination that if I could I would give her the world.  I am very proud of her and the way she has looked after my Dad relentlessly and with such patience.  Although winning the competition was not quite ‘the world’, the way that Katerina and Mark made us both feel special is something that we will never forget.  Thank you for making a difference to both of us.”

As I diagnosed and treated Mavis’s face, it became apparent that she is a very strong person with great coping abilities. I have encouraged her to take time to relax, meditate and pamper herself, whenever she can.

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  1. Pauline Story 26th July 2010 at 10:22 am

    Jayne’s love for her mother shines through the article. Mavis sounds as though the pampering has done her the world of good. What a lovely family.

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