Before the Treatment

Deborah, aged 44, lives by the sea and worries about the north east winds taking toll on her facial skin. She has become interested in healthy lifestyle due to a chronic health problem and prefers to use natural skincare products where possible. The facial massage approach to anti-ageing appeals to her. She likes to relax by spending time with friends and family.

Preparing for the Treatment

Deborah’s treatment started by slowing down – gentle breathing and exercise to release head and neck tension with lavender oil. Our specific area of concern was her forehead and eye zone and we discussed sleeping patterns, water intake and early morning meditation. Bringing the attention to the treatment, Deborah was snuggled in blankets and followed the touch and movement of my hands on her face.

Immediately After the Treatment

Given the gentle nature of her facial skin, after cleansing we tailored the 20 mins of Chinese Booster massage to her eye area, frown and smile lines, and the forehead. To relax all tension in her face, we followed with 40 minutes of Anti-ageing Continental massage working with light circle and horse-shoe movements, zig-zags and tapping. A light grape seed based peel to brighten the skin preceded the 60 minutes of Japanese Facelift and hydrating mask to enhance the radiance of her face. Application of serum and moisturiser finished the treatment.

Before and After Direct Comparison

Please note the visibly plumper cheeks, brighter and more open eye area and reduced frown lines (vertical) and worry lines (horizontal) on her forehead.

Deborah said about the treatment:

“I found the facial massage very relaxing. It’s quite a vigorous technique and you can feel that it’s doing you and your face good. I could feel it waking up my face, freeing up lymph and energy blockages. I thought my face looked more toned and alive afterwards and the lines less pronounced. The facial reflexology aspects make it more than a facial – it feels to be working on a deeper level and I felt more energised afterwards. Katerina has a lot of intuitive insight and she adapts the techniques to suit you rather than a one size fits all approach.”