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French Women’s Attitudes to Ageing

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  One thousand French women took part in the beauty survey - let's look at their views on attitudes toward beauty and ageing (perceptions of internal and external age) and concerns about skin ageing and “preventative” measures employed (lifestyle choices and skin care). The research shows that the majority of women become aware of facial ageing in their mid-30s, when fine lines appear and they feel looking tired. This survey captures the views of French women - it would be interesting to identify cultural variations in Britain. Attitudes towards beauty. Younger faces are considered to be more attractive than older faces - with older female faces being the least appealing. Skin condition - in particular colour and texture - is an important indicator of youth, health, and physical attractiveness. The peak of beauty was judged at an average age of 36 years. Nevertheless, 92% also thought it was possible to grow old “beautifully” - the main factors for facial beauty were a natural look, self-confidence, and attractive skin. Nearly 80% of women feel younger, and believe themselves to look younger, than their true age. As women reach their mid-30s, a gap starts to develop between the age they feel inside [internal age] and the age reflected by their faces [external age] - even though they

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East Yorkshire Skincare Survey

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FaceWorkshops Skincare Surveys  We carried a skincare survey in Beverley (2/3 of the group were women aged 40 - 70 years) to investigate the skincare choices of the local population. The results are worth publishing: 70 % said they were quite happy with their facial skin 60 % had dry skin type 80 % of participants were concerned about lines and wrinkles, followed by sagging (40 %), dry skin (25 %) and lack of radiance (20 %). 58 % used a single skincare brand; L'Oreal and Nivea were mentioned by 62 % of participants, followed by Boots and Olay (12 % each). 29 % were confused by the vast skincare choice on the market. magazine editorials and in-store promotions were the main factors persuading them to buy skincare (75 %) Comparing these results to a shorter survey among the staff of a local blue chip company (2/3 of the group were women aged 40 - 60 years) shows interesting trends: only 30 % said they were quite happy with their facial skin - 70 % were not really happy! 60 % of participants were concerned with uneven or oily T-zone and enlarged pores. 40 % used a mass-market skincare brand (Nivea, Simple, Boots, Olay); 60 % used a premium brands (Clinique, Elemis, Estee Lauder, Clarins, etc.) magazine editorials and price were also the main

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