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Interview with The Eco Well: Episode 1

By |2018-07-12T21:20:16+01:00February 20th, 2018|FaceWorkshops, Facial Ageing, In the Media, Skin Concerns|

My interview with The EcoWell in Canada on skin biology and skin ageing. Enjoy! In this episode, we covered skin biology, including the structure of your skin as it relates to cosmetics, skin conditions like acne, the ageing process of your skin, and lots more. Listen to the podcast here.

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Effective Skincare [Without the Price Tag]

By |2017-01-07T17:03:18+00:00October 10th, 2016|FaceWorkshops, Facial Ageing, Facial Massage, Skin Concerns, Skincare Shopping|

There is more to an effective skincare routine than expensive products! I come across women who are devoted to expensive skincare brands, yet with little visible result to their skin, and others who do wonders on a shoe string. There are parallels with food - buying quality raw ingredients is only the start to creating a delicious meal. It is the tips and tricks of the application, smart combinations of the ingredients, understanding your skin, lifestyle and seasons - and regular therapy that can make a noticeable difference to your face. My clients who get the best results do the following:  Cherish their skincare products [like expensive perfume] Use skincare products to their best potential Have regular facial treatments  Adopt a holistic approach incorporating advice on relaxation, diet and facial exercise into their skincare routine. They ask me to recommend the best products [to a budget and across all brands] and edit their skincare routines regularly to achieve results. I like to talk to an engaged audience who are truly interested in 'properly' looking after their skin with efficacious products & treatments. This goes beyond the brand story; reading the ingredient list and looking at the scientific evidence is essential. "I feel I am worth it and don’t hesitate to spend on myself.  If women are very busy focusing on work & family, they don’t

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SAVE OR SPEND REVIEW: Sophisticated Skincare [without the price tag]

By |2017-01-07T17:12:37+00:00May 17th, 2016|Facial Ageing, Product Reviews, Skin Concerns, Skincare Shopping, Skincare Tips, Wellbeing|

I encourage my clients to aim high in terms of their skincare products. To treat themselves to NICE skin feel & scent as well as interesting & effective active ingredients, good for their skin type.. It is important to establish a pleasant skincare routine that changes with seasons; a sophisticated skincare routine – ideally without the price tag. I advise my clients to be savvy and scrutinise the commercial sites for discounts & bargains (FeelUnique, SpaceNK, Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic, Time to Spa, even Amazon) and also visit TkMaxx, Boots, Holland&Barrett for skincare and “skin health” supplements or shop with the organic MyShowcase. Good skincare can be found in unexpected places – last year’s Aldi Caviar Peel was a great product for a fraction of the high-street price.

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Highlights from the show: Face&Body, Chicago 2016

By |2016-12-07T09:55:11+00:00March 14th, 2016|Aesthetic Rules & Beauty, In the Media, Inspirational People|

Face&Body Expo, Chicago March 12 - 14, 2016. One of the best beauty shows I have experienced - informative presentations, best examples of "organic" and "active" skincare brands. I have a talk on the benefits of professional facial massage that has been recorded and I will share it with you soon. The talks I enjoyed most as relevant to my clinical practice were given by: Dr Erin Madigan-Fleck on naturopathic treatment of protein deficiency and how it impacts on ageing skin (Atlanta, Georgia). An important issue to discuss with my vegetarian clients! Dr Mark Lees's approach to acne care (Florida) - similar principles to my practice, using more of alpha/beta hydroxy acids and considering diet a little less than I do.. Great review of current beauty&spa trends by IDI Dermalogica trainer Annet King (Los Angeles)  Practical showcasing of  Janel Luu's introduction into her Asian lymphatic drainage on 10 pressure points technique with dark jade stone  Eminence Skincare intensive physio-based massage skills & showmanship   Large portfolio of all natural products (you can see the coarse structure of ingredients), traditional Hungarian line Eminence Organics, not for sensitive skin types in my view! The hard physio-based massage is what makes the difference! Their amusing shows (imagine balloons, Minion rucksacks, comedy) are very popular. Interesting brand by Dr Pugliese. As their representative

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British Brands: Sam Farmer

By |2016-12-07T10:32:07+00:00February 23rd, 2016|Skincare Shopping, Skincare Tips, Society of Cosmetic Scientists|

"A teen range that really works, without the hype." Exclusively available in SpaceNK I am a fan of the way Sam Farmer approaches skincare for teenage children. A British "clean-looking", unisex, sustainable brand with no claims, a simple design that won a SpaceNK listing.. Launched in January 2013. Sam Farmer's focus is on efficacy, affordable pricing and avoiding myths and misinformation about teenage skincare needs. Having previously worked in the TV industry, Sam understood that marketing skincare is often "all about the words" and did not want to be part of that.. Sam takes time to discuss teenage needs in schools - thus building personal relationships and having direct consumer contact. He wants to make a difference to image conscious children by teaching them about self-image but also responsible manufacturing, sustainability, carbon foot print.. Teenage years are time of greater self-monitoring and an anti-acne product line would be of great benefit. Another British brand that is of interest for teenagers is Elizabeth's Daughter. ***

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Choices in Anti-Ageing: The Botox & Fillers Alternative

By |2016-12-09T09:29:33+00:00November 23rd, 2015|Aesthetic Rules & Beauty, Cosmetic Procedures, Facial Ageing, Facial Yoga|

A good analogy for the holistic approach I advocate for the face - personalised skincare routine, professional treatments and at-home facial exercise - is exercising the body.   If we want to tone up and achieve a better silhouette, we have a choice of a) an instant tummy tuck or b) to engage in a bespoke exercise regime. The later requires more effort and personal commitment, and the results are delivered slowly in comparison to the former. I have been witness to the adverse side effects of Botox, fillers and facial fat transfer making me firmly believe that the holistic approach is a health-affirming, if longer-term path, to inner beauty. When looking at the psychology of appearance, I refer to Dr Eileen Bradbury who said that undergoing cosmetic procedures often exposes us to a judgement of being vain; we receive little sympathy from our peers. Yet, we all strive to look attractive and struggle with ageing (see my survey). Attractiveness is important in all walks of life - symmetry and evenness of facial skin and features signal our health. Yet, we often don't see each other in movement, or when smiling, only static in the mirror. There is something disturbing about asymmetry - and as we age these asymmetries become more exaggerated. For example, sleeping on one side can contribute to more lines and a slightly 'squashed'

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FaceWorkshops Autumn & Winter Skincare Events 2015/2016

By |2016-12-01T11:00:38+00:00June 8th, 2015|In the Media, Skincare Research|

Days for your diary if interested to learn more about new facial skincare products and techniques. I am giving a talk at these local & national events. 2015  September 16 Sep 2015 - Speaking at The BEAUTY SYMPOSIUM, London Olympia 21 Sep 2015 - Speaking at Professional Beauty, Manchester October 21 October 2015 - Beverley Christmas Lights - Charity Event "An evening of beauty tips for winter including skincare routines across brands with best anti-ageing ingredients, facial yoga and relaxation, make-up and hair styling for the festive season" Facial Yoga with Candle Light - Monday night on 2nd November. 2016 27 January 2016 - Speaking at Cafe Scientifique, Beverley 12 - 14 March 2016 - Speaking at Face & Body Show Midwest, Chicago, USA Please follow this blog for updates. 

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Appeal to Niche Skincare Brands

By |2016-12-07T09:44:44+00:00November 3rd, 2012|FaceWorkshops, Product Reviews, Skincare Shopping|

Individual needs. Everyone has a different skin type - a result of nature (genes) and nurture (lifestyle and skincare) and it is important to match the skin type to the right products. There is no brand on the market to address all skin types. The Right Choice. Product choice should be based on objective scientific evidence but also on individual preferences. It is about the active ingredients but also about how light/rich a formulation feels and how well the skin absorbs it. The richness is, to a degree, subjective and so is a fragrance. Some people love and some hate lavender or geranium! We are appealing to niche skincare brands to send us their samples. It is easy to have a great skin with a big budget but we are trying to highlight the best products on the market below £50! We would like to tease out what is the best about each brand and give our clients a choice beyond skincare available in Yorkshire. We are looking to introduce Slow Skincare movement that values biodynamic, organic or sustainable approach, where appropriate. However, pharmaceutical ingredients have an unequivocal role in anti-ageing and treating acne prone and sometimes even sensitive skin types.

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Interview with an American girl

By |2016-12-07T09:45:34+00:00November 2nd, 2012|Aesthetic Rules & Beauty, Facial Ageing, Skin Concerns|

The American Beauty - Attitude to Skincare Seeking perfection or looking after their appearance as best they can. It is about society pressure and money. Or is it? Funding - Private insurance in the US usually includes dermatology. And that certainly helps in finding time and motivation for your monthly facial massage and peel, even if a small co-payment is required. Looking good = Being successful - Everybody around you looks after their skin (and teeth). American skincare staples, like Neutrogena and Origins, are popular, as is the daily exfoliating facial wash. Diligence counts. Looking good is important - it is a part of the self-made American dream. Ingrained since childhood American good skincare habits start early - teenagers with acne often feel self-conscious. Media, eg. the Dash magazine, target girls in their early teens and make them think seriously about their skin and skincare. Many thanks to CMR for an interesting discussion about the importance of skincare across the Atlantic.

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Japanese: Essential Steps For Beautiful Skin

By |2016-12-07T08:45:40+00:00February 28th, 2011|Aesthetic Rules & Beauty, Facial Ageing, Skincare Tips|

Make skincare an important part of your lifestyle, these are a few essential Japanese beauty habits. Get to know your skin well. Care about your skin and desire to be beautiful. Be responsible for your face and use your hands to touch and massage your face and warm up the skincare products you apply to it. Remove your make-up every night. Apply masks frequently. Use serum and seal it off with a cream. Protect your skin all year round. Always thinking "quick and easy" leaves everything half-baked. Facial massage allows your facial muscles to stay in shape. Expect results in three months time. Source: Chizu Saeki: The Japanese Skincare Revolution.

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