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The Proof IS In The Mirror

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My recent column in Cosmetics & Toiletries looks into skin diagnostics and the way we judge the efficacy of our skincare products at home. Living in the digital world of self-scrutiny - and “on-display” - through social media further fuels consumers’ expectations. Smart beauty devices are becoming reality as the “quantified-self trend” grows with the number of sensors available to monitor our body vital signs. Are you using any of the at-home diagnostic devices or online apps that can assess your skin status and/or track the progression of your skin concerns over time?  

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British Brands: Sam Farmer

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"A teen range that really works, without the hype." Exclusively available in SpaceNK I am a fan of the way Sam Farmer approaches skincare for teenage children. A British "clean-looking", unisex, sustainable brand with no claims, a simple design that won a SpaceNK listing.. Launched in January 2013. Sam Farmer's focus is on efficacy, affordable pricing and avoiding myths and misinformation about teenage skincare needs. Having previously worked in the TV industry, Sam understood that marketing skincare is often "all about the words" and did not want to be part of that.. Sam takes time to discuss teenage needs in schools - thus building personal relationships and having direct consumer contact. He wants to make a difference to image conscious children by teaching them about self-image but also responsible manufacturing, sustainability, carbon foot print.. Teenage years are time of greater self-monitoring and an anti-acne product line would be of great benefit. Another British brand that is of interest for teenagers is Elizabeth's Daughter. ***

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