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Conversation About Facial Oils with India Knight

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I read India Knight's Sunday Times Style column with interest and, secretly, have a conversation with her every time she publishes a piece on facial skincare. The Strike Oil article on 1st January caught my eye.  Introducing the world of facials that can make an actual, immediate and noticeable difference to your appearance and improve your complexion overtime to the general public is a great message. Only one in four women in Britain has a regular facial, and usually not by a highly trained facialist. Also highlighting the expertise of London-based celebrity facialists, with magic hands and a range of tools from massage, peels to resurfacing and stimulating devices is fabulous. As India notes, super-facialists aren't cheap and have waiting lists. But not every super-facialist lives in London, there are a handfull living outside of the capital who also bring "power facials" and "face gym" hands-on skills and expertise; East Yorkshire, in my case.  Glowing, healthy skin requires more than a monthly facial, it is an at-home routine. Super-facialists have their own range of products that you can buy to use at home; they may not be cheap, but they work. India has faith in their expertise and likes the pared-down simplicity of Amanda Lacey's range. Praising her Oils of Provence luxurious face oil [lavender, sage, ramose, eucalyptus, bois de rose] for oily skin, India

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Skin Sensation & Sebum Profiling

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Market research experts ask frequently "What sensations do consumers look for in a moisturiser and why?".. What "feels good" to a consumer is driven by biology. Skin feel of a moisturiser depends on skin type - yet skin type is subjective to a consumer. Oily skin types find most moisturisers to "feel heavy or sticky", whilst mature and dry skin types cannot "find rich enough" moisturiser on the market. Sebum production seems to define the dry to oily spectrum at large - yet point-of-care sebum quantification & profiling have not been given enough of attention to date.  Sebum, hydration and skin barrier function differ, depending on ethnic group and age. It is both the amount of sebum as well as its content that affect skin condition [and facilitate skin feel]. US AFRICAN AMERICANS. African American women produce more sebum than Caucasian women. When looking at the sebum profile, wax esters are the class of lipids significantly higher in African American women [non polar, long, highly hydrophobic molecules that act as a barrier against excessive hydration or dehydration]. This correlates with better skin hydration, barrier function and probably also "oilier skin feel" in this ethnic group. BRITISH CAUCASIANS. Sebum has a moisturizing or conditioning effect on any skin type. In general, oilier skin types seem to have better skin barrier

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Best Facial Oil For Your Skin Type

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When looking for a facial oil, buy the best for your skin type. Pure plant oils differ in how they feel on your facial skin; dependent on your skin type. Read through the participants' comments on texture, scent and colour [the FaceWorkshops trial run in March 2016].  *** Jojoba oil (Nr 1) Dry/Dehydrated  Light and very well absorbed -  No scent noticeable - Pale  The product absorbed well and I like the texture - I couldn't pick up a fragrance on this, other than a natural oil type aroma - I like the colour. Texture good, felt quite rich - Could not smell any fragrance - Colour good Sensitive  Very good as it gave enough slide to the skin but did not leave it feeling oily - Not noticeable - Fine Absorbs very well, skin felt silky and smooth - I couldn't decide the scent but it was gentle and calming - Colour was fine, light Normal/Combination  Absorbed ok - scent was bit chemical - pale colour Light texture - No scent - Liked colour *** Rose hip seed oil (Nr 2) Dry/Dehydrated   Slightly heavier than Nr.1, easily absorbed but thinner than Nr.1 - No noticeable scent - Slightly darker in colour As Nr.1 - Couldn't pick up a fragrance on this other than a

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Are You Doing the Best You Can for Your Facial Skin?

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To understand if you are doing the best for your facial skin, answer YES/NO to the following questions: Skin Type Do you understand your skin type, concerns and prognosis (ie. how your ageing will progress)? Skincare & Facial Massage @ Home You are happy with your skincare routine? Do you like your skincare product formulations (textures/ fragrance)? Do you know specific techniques to apply your skincare in different facial zones? Do you massage your face at home? Do you practice personalised Rolling & Acupressure? Do you practice Facial Yoga? Do you look forward to using your skincare products twice a day ? Do you have realistic expectations regarding the efficacy of your skincare? Seasonal and Hormonal Changes Do you have a personalised winter and summer routine? Do you understand how to prevent concerns arising from travelling and hormonal cycles? Health & Lifestyle Do you understand the impact of your specific health issues (e.g. quality of sleep, allergies, medication) on your skin? Do you understand how your lifestyle (e.g. suntanning, smoking, alcohol, diet, water intake, exercise, relaxation, family support) affects your skin? Professional Treatments Do you have regular professional treatments that complement your care @home - be that every 2, 4 or 6 weeks? Wrinkles, Emotions and Facial Expressions Draw your concerns e.g. frown lines, laughter lines, pigmentation

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