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The Proof IS In The Mirror

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My recent column in Cosmetics & Toiletries looks into skin diagnostics and the way we judge the efficacy of our skincare products at home. Living in the digital world of self-scrutiny - and “on-display” - through social media further fuels consumers’ expectations. Smart beauty devices are becoming reality as the “quantified-self trend” grows with the number of sensors available to monitor our body vital signs. Are you using any of the at-home diagnostic devices or online apps that can assess your skin status and/or track the progression of your skin concerns over time?  

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FaceWorkshops Autumn & Winter Skincare Events 2015/2016

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Days for your diary if interested to learn more about new facial skincare products and techniques. I am giving a talk at these local & national events. 2015  September 16 Sep 2015 - Speaking at The BEAUTY SYMPOSIUM, London Olympia 21 Sep 2015 - Speaking at Professional Beauty, Manchester October 21 October 2015 - Beverley Christmas Lights - Charity Event "An evening of beauty tips for winter including skincare routines across brands with best anti-ageing ingredients, facial yoga and relaxation, make-up and hair styling for the festive season" Facial Yoga with Candle Light - Monday night on 2nd November. 2016 27 January 2016 - Speaking at Cafe Scientifique, Beverley 12 - 14 March 2016 - Speaking at Face & Body Show Midwest, Chicago, USA Please follow this blog for updates. 

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Famous Women on Beauty and Ageing: Quotations

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In any culture, beauty has been about perfection but concepts of what constitutes "perfection" have changed over the centuries. As the population ages, it could well be that concepts of beauty will shift. We live at a time of great variety of age, gender, style, background, culture and attitude and contemplating beauty brings pleasure to each of us yet it comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. Chic, Autentic and Natural "Being an English person, and having lived in France for 40 years, I am not as nicely turned out as the French but I don’t care like the English."  Jane Birkin  “I never put my face in the sun. I am determined not to go the way of my contemporaries and get surgery. I have a lot of facials and take scrupulous care of my skin.” Joane Collins OBE "Self image is a complicated thing. I campaign against cosmetic surgery because it a grave act in which you don’t necessarily foresee all the consequences. The people who have it are lacking in confidence." Emmanuelle Beart, French acress by Matthew Campbell for Sunday times. “The more healthily you live, the better you look. We still want to look like ourselves when we grow older. We lose our sensuality when we have surgery,

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The Facts Behind Skin Absorption

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@ Skin Forum Professor Hadgraft, an expert in transdermal absorption at the London School of Pharmacy,  is getting increasingly frustrated with false statements in womens' and life style magazines and web sites. NOT TRUE. "The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs 70% of the topically applied products!" These statements are often substantiated by references to experiments on rodent or rabbit skin which are totally inappropriate. Other discussion members add that: These articles are written in response to new product launches and become no more that an advertising opportunity. The journalists are bedazzled by the hype presented by marketing. If scientists were to contribute to the information packs then these false statements would never have seen the light of day. The Facts Behind Skin Absorption The skin possesses an outer layer, stratum corneum, which is a very impressive barrier. Stratum corneum is about one sixth the thickness of a piece of paper but stops us losing excessive water because of its unique structure. The stratum corneum has a structure of a brick wall, the skin cells - keratinocytes - are the bricks. If the bricks are bigger, the path any active ingredient has to go through when penetrating into the skin is longer, if smaller, the path is shorter.

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