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SAVE or SPEND REVIEW: Aldi Caviar Illumination Super Lift Kit

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The new Caviar Illumination Super Lift Kit contains caviar extract, soy phyto placenta extract and bio peptide - for youthful and firm looking skin. Included within the kit are four 6ml Super Lift Gel sachets, an application brush and preparation tub. RRP £12.99 We ran our last small perception study on the mask. Given the age and skin types of my participants, we tested it as a pre-party pick-me up. This was an independent study and the participants were unaware of any clinical results or packaging; they were evaluating “skin feel” after application.  Age and skin type of participants below, all Caucasian and based in Yorkshire. Skin feel, texture, sensation.. Good texture, no unpleasant sensation. Nice texture, tightened almost immediately. Texture good, only sensation is the tightening. Mask felt very light when on and comfortable. Felt a slight tightening effect when on. Felt tightening whilst it was drying. Liked the gel like texture, interesting. Felt the mask tightening on the skin as it dried. No other sensations. It wasn't especially pleasant. Very tight and then stinging in various places, noticeable around the nose. Thought the texture was very good, not too thick but not too thin. There was no sensations until the 15 mins were nearly up when it started feeling very tight in my skin. I wasn't keen

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