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Cost of FaceLift = 12 Years of Facial Massage

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In terms of facial ageing, prevention works always better than repair! A facelift in your 50's and 60's or 12 years of relaxing facial massage - the price is the same! Dr Frances Prenna Jones, a London based dermatologist, states that a British woman starts to show signs of facial ageing at the age of 26. And it is not a coincidence that in continental Europe, the age of 27 is the point when women start investing into their preventative facials. In Britain this is not always the case - as with any preventative treatment, we might not see and therefore appreciate the long-term benefit. We are busy building our families and professional life, and give more attention to our bodies, yet not the face. The consequences of inadequate care come later, when we reach the menopause, for a British woman around the age of 51. Reduced levels of estrogen lead to a sudden drop of hydration, increase in lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging. The sun damage done in our teens and twenties comes to the forefront as an uneven pigmentation. We wake up wanting a radical, quick fix! The costs of a face lift with a good surgeon goes to £7000 - £8000 in the UK. There is

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Facials With A Difference: Multi-Faceted Approach

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"With so many shades of grey between the facial and the scalpel, to age gracefully is not to do nothing but to look like you've done nothing." Kelly Gilbert    What are your expectations of a facial? Is it that "the glow" in your complexion will be short-lived and what you are really paying for is a quiescent body and mind? Are you reaching a point when - lovely and relaxing as a traditional facials are - you need to do more?  From a biology-based point of view, ageing should be considered in three dimensions: the surface of your skin the internal skin structure the underlying muscles. There is no quick fix that can stop ageing but a careful and diligent routine can help you look younger and slow down the rate of ageing. Go for facials with elements that were once mutually exclusive - pampering and lasting results.  SEASONAL PEEL. For brighter complexion, have a seasonal peel twice a year [spring/autumn]. The benefits include: brighter and even skin enhanced skincare penetration and improved performance of active ingredients fading of the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring. Use products with a mix of acids (combination suitable for your skin type, not aggressive and irritating) that will make you mildly red afterwards but induce no flaking when removing the dull surface skin. FACIAL YOGA & MASSAGE. For internal skin structure [collagen

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Anger, Botox and Smile…

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"Bad Botox made Sally's eyebrows pushed so far down that she looked constantly angry. She felt it, too. She felt angry all the time and was reminded by a therapist that if we want to lift our spirits, one of the ways we can do that is to smile. The opposite is also true." Research shows that controlling our facial expression controls our mood.  A smile can help to defuse a potential toxic reaction but Botox might paralyse you outwardly and inwardly into hostility. It is meditation and yoga that are helpful in combating our anger and the natural methods of facial yoga and reflexology that achieve radiant skin, reduce wrinkles and improve definition. Source: Sally Brampton, Seeing Red: How to handle your anger. Sunday Times

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Facial Massage Counteracts Negative Effects of Botox

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Devotees of Botox, fillers and cosmetic surgery are turning to "power massages" to bring their frozen faces back to life. Muscles paralyzed by Botox are repeatedly massaged to make up for the exercises they lack and to restore blood circulation. The benefits of facial massage have been well-known for some time now - including the short-term increase of blood flow improving skin tone and colour as well as the long-term stimulation of fibroblasts (the collagen-producing cells). Nicola Joss, a celebrity facialist from London, confirms; "If you want a toned, defined body, you work out; the same goes for the face". Nicola's power massage treatment involves a massage of cheeks from the inside the mouth. Botox users don't get the facial muscles to contract, limiting blood flow into the area. The skin is starved of oxygen and - with a change in immune response, it becomes stiff and dry.  However, primarily Botox users with cigarette-thin skin (caused by using too much Botox) will see true benefits of this therapy. For others, facial massage encourages facial muscles to eliminate Botox more quickly. Source: Kevin Dowling: Pummelling unlocks faces frozen by Botox, Sunday Times, 17 July 2010 Replacing Botox with the natural technique of facial massage is beneficial for both our facial skin, muscle tension and definition!

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Mavis’s Mother’s Day Makeover Win

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A Pocklington grandmother who won a Mother’s Day competition has a new look and a portfolio of photographs. Mavis Goodwin, 58, was nominated for the competition to reward a deserving Mum with a series of relaxing and anti-ageing facial massages by her daughter, Jayne Bell, who wanted to give her mum some valuable ‘me time’ from her role as a full time carer to Jayne’s father. Organised by FaceWorkshops in conjunction with Mark Kensett photography, the competition attracted many deserving entries but we were so moved by Jayne’s nomination that we awarded the £600 prize of a three month course of anti-ageing facial massages plus a photo shoot package to Mavis without hesitation. As Mavis reached the end of the course of  facial massages that have helped to energise and tone her skin; she said; “Not only is my skin glowing, but I have benefited in other ways, too.  It has helped to take away stress, and forced me to make time for me and to relax.  It’s been lovely and Mark’s photos are a great reminder of my experience.” Mavis’s daughter Jayne accompanied her mum to some of the treatments. “My dad had an accident three years ago that left him brain damaged, unable to speak and totally reliant on Mum, so the last

Face & Emotions: The Connection

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The appearance of our face is directly related to the way we feel. Our face captures and stores daily fatigue, upset and emotions that we project outwardly in the way that we look.  Research shows that frowning can make us unhappier and treatments that prevent frowning correlate with reduced negative mood. Although Botox - currently a suggested treatment for depression - paralyses the frown muscles and limits facial expression of negative emotions that may consequently introduce a more positive mood, this action may not be always desirable in a social contact. Our emotions are controlled by our facial expressions: recent imaging studies have shown that imitation of facial expressions is associated with brain activity. Botox of frown muscles limits angry facial expressions and thus enables us to give a false signal. Given that people tend to mimic the emotional expressions of others, this may impact on the trust in the relationship. Facial massage is a great alternative to Botox. It increases circulation and lymphatic drainage; it also impacts on skin turnover and collagen production by fibroblasts. It is an essential therapy not only for the face but also for our wellbeing. Relaxation, a learned response, in a healing and meditative atmosphere during the treatment, significantly enhances both the immediate and visible benefit of facial massage that entails reduced appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging due to lifting, plumping up

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