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How Touch Enhances Wellbeing

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One of my favourite areas of interest in skin science is how touch can have a beneficial effect in a person’s skincare regime and on their wellbeing. The effectiveness of a product goes beyond simply the ingredients and how beneficial they are for the individual’s skin type – how is the skincare applied is crucial for reasons much deeper than you might think. When I talk about “touch”, I mean the pressure, the direction and style of the strokes, and whether a product is applied with the hands or a tool of some kind. It is quite incredible how many different approaches there are to facial massage. It varies from one culture to another, such as French Jacquet massage and the Japanese art of Kobido, for example. I have believed for a long time that the right type of touch can boost skincare product efficacy and generate a wave of positive emotions to make people look and feel well. Now, advanced research techniques can detect changes in brain wave patterns and different brain area activation. For the first time, the science provides evidence of the effect touch can have on the whole body. Skin is the largest sensory organ. New research has shown that skin senses external information in the same way that the brain does; it

4 Active: RENOVAGE™ For Cell Longevity

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"We assess facial appearance as a whole; unconsciously adding-up visible signs of ageing. Restoring a youthful appearance means reducing the appearance of multiple parameters - lines and wrinkles, sagging [loss of tone], pigmentation, redness, dry skin, dilated pores, and the irregularities of the skin surface. All of the ageing signs are related to less efficient cell physiology; a skin composed of "ageing cells" enters the senescence phase more rapidly than necessary. It's due to a successive accumulation of DNA damage over time; less effectively repaired and less well protected DNA." Prolonging Cell Longevity. Renovage™ - geranylgeranone, is a high-tech global anti-ageing ingredient that acts on the four dimensions of skin ageing: surface, depth and time. It provides anti-ageing and protective effects against stress related damage by maintaining cell division [telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance], improving tissue quality [by optimal cell communication and rebalancing cell metabolism]. Renovage™ prolongs cell lifespan extension by one third. Clinical & Cell Culture Results. RENOVAGE™ acts as a cell facilitator and corrector. In vitro studies show several properties that aid recovery of skin function and structure to avoid premature entry into cell senescence. Protection and repair of oxidative lesions and nucleic elements  Keeping of catalasic antioxidant protection to 100% Reduction of apoptosis after UVB radiation exposure Reduction in the expression of heat shock proteins HSP27 and HSP70 The entry in senescence of fibroblasts is

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Consumer Attitudes & Beauty Trends [SCS RGNorth]

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Canadean are a market research company looking at beauty market value and trends.  The Western European market is worth 69.2 bn, with 0.3 % forecast growth (2014 - 2019). The growth is slow, almost stagnating due to brands being established; it is a saturated market.  Emerging markets, in particular Asia and Middle East, differ in their attitudes to beauty.  LOOKS MATTER. 3/4 of people in the world believe their looks are important, being a part of a visual culture. This belief is higher in the emerging compared to the mature markets. Culturally, they connect personal appearance with professional and personal success. IN FOCUS. Digital culture is exacerbating the pressure on people to "look good" - digitising the society means we no longer have to be in the same room to make a judgement. There is a pressure to "look your best all the time". Smart phones, apps, tablets - technology facilitates digital engagement and supports this trend. ASPIRATIONS & SELF-IMAGE. Emerging consumers are highly aspirational and 41 % believe their disposable income is increasing. They are likely to be spending more money on buying better quality beauty products within the next 12 months. WEALTH & STATUS. The quest for status is growing, 73 % agree that enhancing social recognition and status is important in creating a feeling

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Be Smart About Anti-Ageing Skincare

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Looking good for your age feels fabulous. And quality skincare does not have to break the bank - the results are also in your (and your facialist's) hands.  Facial creams are only a part of the solution. It is the professional facial massage (every 4 - 6 weeks) and a personalised daily "at home" care that make the difference! 1. Go shopping for a PERSONALISED bargain. Ask questions of your beauty therapist so that you can respect their credibility. A good skincare specialist will be able to save you money on efficacious products. We all love a bargain - but only if it works! 2. Save money by PROTECTION and PREVENTION - at any age. Be diligent with your skincare routines. Use a gentle cleanser and a serum underneath your moisturiser. Use a mask regularly and learn the art of skincare layering. Remember that skincare has a shelf life - change your products every season. 3. RELAX YOUR FACE in the evening by bespoke facial yoga and a gentle massage routine. 4. Invest in regular PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS. Only 25 % of British women invest in facial treatments. The Brits worry about appearance and facial ageing but don't do much about it. Having a facial has not been ingrained in women since childhood (as in France) or demanded by the society (e.g. USA).   As the Parisians say - enjoy the face you have today.

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Ageing in Figures

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According to Unilever research, these are the factors that bring about good ageing in 40 - 70 years old women. In China Less sun exposure - 2.9 years younger Working indoors - 6.5 years younger Pre-menopause - 3.5 years younger Frequent use of moisturiser - 2.4 years younger Frequent use of night cream - 2.4 years younger In Spain Eating fruit and veg every day - 2.1 years younger Healthy diet - 1.8 years younger Never using a sunbed - 5.7 years younger Ever used HRT - 2.5 years younger Frequent use of moisturiser - 2.8 years younger Non smoker - 1.8 years younger Falling asleep quickly - 2.5 years younger Also in my practice - healthy lifestyle, lots of sleep and a good skincare routine accounts for 80 % of success in delaying skin ageing.

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The Art of Ageing by Diane von Furstenberg

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“People believe that old age starts at 54 and youth ends at 32. The Government calls for reappraisal of attitudes towards age, given Britain’s rapidly ageing population.”   A survey by the Department for Work and Pensions How To Age Well "If I feel good, I am more confident and function better. I've learnt to love what I have. I’ve learned that as I age, less is definitely more. I decided never to change my face and embrace how I age. You have to do it with joie de vivre." "The great news about ageing is that you’re living and that you have had a full life and have wonderful memories. The sad thing is that you have less time ahead of you. Every day that goes by I look a little less good - that is the truth. My advice to women is: Don’t hide your age, either by saying you are younger than you are or hiding it by erasing features in your face. It is all about acceptance. Embrace who you are as soon as possible when you are young. Like yourself. Have a discipline. Try to be alert - have your body follow you, have your mind follow you. Embrace where you are at in life, every age

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Famous Women on Beauty and Ageing: Quotations

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In any culture, beauty has been about perfection but concepts of what constitutes "perfection" have changed over the centuries. As the population ages, it could well be that concepts of beauty will shift. We live at a time of great variety of age, gender, style, background, culture and attitude and contemplating beauty brings pleasure to each of us yet it comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. Chic, Autentic and Natural "Being an English person, and having lived in France for 40 years, I am not as nicely turned out as the French but I don’t care like the English."  Jane Birkin  “I never put my face in the sun. I am determined not to go the way of my contemporaries and get surgery. I have a lot of facials and take scrupulous care of my skin.” Joane Collins OBE "Self image is a complicated thing. I campaign against cosmetic surgery because it a grave act in which you don’t necessarily foresee all the consequences. The people who have it are lacking in confidence." Emmanuelle Beart, French acress by Matthew Campbell for Sunday times. “The more healthily you live, the better you look. We still want to look like ourselves when we grow older. We lose our sensuality when we have surgery,

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Ageing Face & Lifestyle

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Bad Lifestyle Habits Impact on Your Facial Ageing These photos speak for themselves. Drinking, smoking and junk food affect our appearance in the long-term. The 42-year-old freelance journalist Anna Magee worked with a forensic artist to create images of what she’d look like 10 years from now adopting different lifestyles.  She admits to having cheek fillers and Botox injections in the past. The three projected images show her face 10 years from now: SMOKING After 10 years of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Please note the deep wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and sagging brow, eyelids, and cheeks. A survey of over 1,000 Yahoo! users found that only 28% of smokers admit to being addicted and dependent on cigarettes with 72% claiming “I choose when I smoke and can go without at any time.” 41% of the people ages 18-34 said they only smoke in a social setting, but if you want to avoid these nasty signs of aging, every cigarette may count. Fifty-six percent of people ages 18-34 said they smoke when drinking.

Look At Me @ Sunday Times

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According to Jane Shilling, author of The Stranger in the Mirror, a book about her own experience of becoming middle aged "you go through a long process of testing if your allure is still there, in the same way that, as an adolescent, you test out whether it has arrived." She says that usually on the cusp of turning 40 - you are going to lose your allure in a culture that worships the youth. One minute you matter and will be noticed, the next, you are filed under "wasn't bad when she was younger". We all want attention on some level - but we dont want to try to be the same person we were 20 years ago. Our culture says being sexy and successful equals looking and acting youthful. But look at the French. Being attractive is art & fun there - long past the age of 40. Sunday 23rd January 2011; Look At Me by Shane Watson. ***

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Look and Feel Confident

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“A good face is the best letter of recommendation”. Queen Elizabeth I. Since pre-historic times, human communication has been mainly visual and it remains so today – we convey emotions through our face. We also still possess the ability to read the faces of others and evaluate their well-being. We form many assumptions about a person based on their physical appearance when we meet them for the first time. Make-up can increase our attractiveness and scientists have shown that attractive people enjoy many advantages in life - they are judged as happier, smarter and more successful. The way we look even correlates with our health – our skin mirrors the strength of our immune system. When we become unhappy with our facial skin, be it through a mild skin disorder (like rosacea or acne) or signs of ageing (lines and wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation), we are prone to psychological distress. It is unfair that the prevalence of skin issues increases steadily as we are ageing and our society does not judge visible ageing of our faces kindly. We don’t receive as sympathetic a response as someone suffering from other physical ailments may do and often feel low and rejected. Foundation & The Lip Stick Effect  We tend to explore different strategies to boost

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