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Interview with The Eco Well: Episode 1

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My interview with The EcoWell in Canada on skin biology and skin ageing. Enjoy! In this episode, we covered skin biology, including the structure of your skin as it relates to cosmetics, skin conditions like acne, the ageing process of your skin, and lots more. Listen to the podcast here.

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Skin Supplements: Acne/Rosacea, Anti-ageing

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My clinical experience with supplements to improve skin health is empirical. I work in an affluent area of East Yorkshire, yet the number of my clients that are: a) dedicated enough to adjust their lifestyle and food choices and  b) able to invest in a skin supplement are limited. They get results when compliant. Having reviewed the impact of diet on acne (link to the publication), I strongly believe diet has an impact on inflammatory skin conditions - and clinically I see an improvement when my clients stick to these dietary recommendations every day. In terms of supplements, I used to recommend Oenobiol  Pure Skin (no longer available) and any probiotics with diverse bacterial species, however, Symprove has proven to work best for my clients. Symprove is a water-based multi-strain supplement that contains 4 unique strains of live activated bacteria, they have trialled the supplement at UCL. The strains include:  L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum. Normally a healthy gut would already contain all four of these, however when it doesn’t, it can soon become unbalanced.  In my view, the gut in inflammatory skin conditions is unbalanced. My hypothesis agrees with Whitney P Bowe, et al. Gut Pathog. 2011;3:1-1. Psychological stress alone [or in combination with high fat diet and/or processed comfort foods devoid of fiber] cause alterations to

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Highlights from the show: Face&Body, Chicago 2016

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Face&Body Expo, Chicago March 12 - 14, 2016. One of the best beauty shows I have experienced - informative presentations, best examples of "organic" and "active" skincare brands. I have a talk on the benefits of professional facial massage that has been recorded and I will share it with you soon. The talks I enjoyed most as relevant to my clinical practice were given by: Dr Erin Madigan-Fleck on naturopathic treatment of protein deficiency and how it impacts on ageing skin (Atlanta, Georgia). An important issue to discuss with my vegetarian clients! Dr Mark Lees's approach to acne care (Florida) - similar principles to my practice, using more of alpha/beta hydroxy acids and considering diet a little less than I do.. Great review of current beauty&spa trends by IDI Dermalogica trainer Annet King (Los Angeles)  Practical showcasing of  Janel Luu's introduction into her Asian lymphatic drainage on 10 pressure points technique with dark jade stone  Eminence Skincare intensive physio-based massage skills & showmanship   Large portfolio of all natural products (you can see the coarse structure of ingredients), traditional Hungarian line Eminence Organics, not for sensitive skin types in my view! The hard physio-based massage is what makes the difference! Their amusing shows (imagine balloons, Minion rucksacks, comedy) are very popular. Interesting brand by Dr Pugliese. As their representative

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Emotional Impact of Acne [Spots and Blemishes]

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My research at Hull University looks at emotional impact of skin disease, in particular, acne.  In my clinical practice I see all spectrum of acne - from a few spots on the chin to scarring and pigmentation after being treated for a year or so and discharged by a dermatologist. I understand the impact acne/spots/blemishes have on my clients' private lives. Skin - Stress - Emotions. Already 20 years ago, it was suggested that skin could form a channel of communication for unexpressed feelings (Koblenzer, 1983) and nowadays research shows that skin disease and emotional lability may be connected. Arnetz, et al. (1991) lists the psychosocial stressors that are related to onset/relapse of acne - these include marriage, divorce, bereavement, excess of minor life-events and multiple daily hassles. New line of dermatology research seeks to reduce stress in skin diseases. Already Hughes, et al. (1983) found that relaxation with cognitive imagery and physical treatment produced significantly greater reduction in facial acne (compared to a matched physical treatment alone). Furthermore, patients who failed to continue with the psychological therapies experienced a relapse. Acceptance in the Society. The desire to appear attractive goes beyond the sexual domain  - attractive people have advantages in the society (Etcoff, 1999). Attractiveness is related to social approval and

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