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Skincare Consultation

This is a personalised skincare consultation for skin health and concern.

Our face is different from the next person – it reflects our health and wellbeing and tells our life story. It is a map of our life that shows how have we integrated our experiences over time. Research suggests that we can read other people’s faces in terms of age and health to give a personal measure of attractiveness.

The aim of this service is initially to develop a personalised skincare routine. Ongoing consultations are complimentary to my regular clients to help them tailor their skincare products and therapies to seasonal changes in skin.

Personalised consultation following an on-line questionnaire. I perform an initial screen of the lifestyle and skincare questionnaire to discuss it with the client in detail. Hands-on skin diagnosis follows, with a personalised treatment tailored to skin type and concerns. Detailed research of skincare across all brands is carried out and emailed to the client with recommendations of skincare products, regular treatments, diet changes and relaxation.

60 minute treatment £160

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