As the social isolation restrictions are eased, we will emerge with a new sense of vulnerability. We have all had time to reflect, prioritise and learn to practise self-care. The future is uncharted territory; the new ‘normal’ will impact on how we interact and how we shop. We are likely to see the end of the carefree testing of skincare products in stores, so what does that mean for shopping for skincare?

As knowledge is power, being informed will increase your chances of buying the best product for your skin.

Buy the best products you can afford – my recommendation is to always buy quality products, tailored to your skin type, concerns and needs. It may have to be less often and without trying the scent and texture. How do you account for allergies, sensitivity or uncomfortable skin feel?

To start with, understanding how to apply/layer your skincare to achieve a radiant complexion is even more essential right now. The lockdown has caused a rise in stress levels – leading to tiredness and stress-related skin dryness. Also, eczema patches and acne are more prevalent in our face as a consequence, and we should now address these symptoms.

Looking good is healthy. In my view people will desire their skin to be healthy, cover less with makeup and value scientific expertise again, perhaps over and above Instagram influencers. Learning to be discerning and work more with the seasons; imposing our own restraints that serve our health (dry January, no make-up Sunday) will be of benefit. We are also likely to pay more attention to environmental concerns, the sustainability of ingredients, and to source organic and perhaps even vegan skincare, or change what and how we eat.

Given the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, it is likely that clinics will not be opening for facial treatments until late summer.

With no hands-on treatments available for the next few months, these are my recommendations for great skin.

  • Every face is different. If creating your own skincare routine, read the product labels and look not only for key ingredients but also their compatibility and how to layer them to suit your skin. Cleanse gently but thoroughly, do not exfoliate excessively and use a serum twice a day.
  • Much of life can now be conducted digitally but facial treatments cannot. Learn to massage your own face daily – start with the simple, gentle long strokes from the middle of your face outwards for a few minutes in the evening.
  • Understand what results you want to achieve. Be uncompromising on quality; look for great ingredients and well formulated products as well as green and sustainable credentials. Go beyond the story of the brand.

Last but not least, I will be launching my first Signature Routine in September. If you are interested in trying the products and share your opinion with me, please send for your samples now (£4.50 p&p, one treatment kit per customer. Availability from 20th May).

Until my clinics in Beverley and Manchester can open again, I will offer Personalised Consultations Online:

  • Book your first consultation £120 for 60 minutes (over zoom).
  • Repeat consultations for current clients £25 (over zoom or email).

To request samples or to talk about a consultation, please email me at

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