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Seduction or Camouflage? Why Do You Use Make-Up?

By 4th July 2012December 7th, 2016No Comments

French LVMH Research published an article in the Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2008, looking at the role of make-up in our lives. Make-up application stimulates three of our senses:

  • touch (application)
  • smell (fragrance)
  • sight (the process of becoming and looking beautiful). 

The positive stimulation of these senses can induce sensory as well as psychological pleasure.

The researchers interviewed different groups of women on their quality of life and make-up habits (using standardised and validated psychometric tests) to see the link between the need to apply make-up and specific psychological features.

  • The results show that make-up application has two opposite functions – Camouflage and Seduction.
  • Women of the Camouflage group are more anxious, defensive and emotionally unstable compared to those of the Seduction group who appear to be more sociable, assertive and extroverted.

The study confirms that beyond the simple application of “colour” on the face, make-up has two functional implications depending on specific psychological profiles of women. Why do you use make-up? What personality type do you consider yourself to be? 

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