A photograph showing belmished skin relating to deep cleanse treatmentQuote about ScarWork treatment


ScarWork is a gentle, intricate therapy, employing the lightest of touch.

This may seem counter-intuitive as the old approach used to be one of ‘breaking down’ scar tissue but the light touch is effective and painless. Developed by Sharon Wheeler in the US, ScarWork helps to integrate the scar back into the body and improve its appearance and integrity, and reduce discomfort.

Using more than 20 techniques, this is an approach to reconfiguring the soft tissue.  Adhesions happen after surgery and connect structures that should not be connected; this can restrict mobility and function and create tension and pain. Smoothing out uneven lumps and ridges, filling the gaps of the scar and re-establishing the resilient 3D quality of tissue improves scar functionality and appearance as well as helping impaired nerve endings to regain pleasant sensation.

Upper body scars only. One hour treatment £90.

Three to six treatments recommended.

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