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SAVE OR SPEND REVIEW: Sophisticated Skincare [without the price tag]

By 17th May 2016January 7th, 2017No Comments

I encourage my clients to aim high in terms of their skincare products. To treat themselves to NICE skin feel & scent as well as interesting & effective active ingredients, good for their skin type..

It is important to establish a pleasant skincare routine that changes with seasons; a sophisticated skincare routine – ideally without the price tag. I advise my clients to be savvy and scrutinise the commercial sites for discounts & bargains (FeelUnique, SpaceNK, Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic, Time to Spa, even Amazon) and also visit TkMaxx, Boots, Holland&Barrett for skincare and “skin health” supplements or shop with the organic MyShowcase. Good skincare can be found in unexpected places – last year’s Aldi Caviar Peel was a great product for a fraction of the high-street price.
A peek into a private world behind great skin – my client’s skincare bag (with her permission of course). Age group 58 – 62, skin type dry, a savvy, informed shopper.. 
  • Wash my face with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser.
  • Apply eye cream around my eyes, then NIOD hyaluronic complex followed by Kiehl’s Multi Corrective Cream, then Decleor SPF 50 in spring and summer months..
After cleansing – a hydration booster (hyaluronic acid based; one of many – also Medik8 or Sarah Chapman Skinesis work well) precedes correction of multiple ageing signs and high sun protection in day time. The focus is hydration & protection. 
  • Wash face as in the morning.
  • Apply Trilogy rosehip oil and massage face while watching TV – my down time.
  • The massage is not every night – but it is every night that I am not working or out till late.

Massage consists of sweeping under and over my eye socket about 5 times. Rotations on the jaw line. Sweeping fingers across my cheeks from the nose in an upward direction and pinching my cheeks. Also usually pinch along my jaw line and always do pressure rotations on my top lip as that is an area that really bothers me when I look in the mirror. I also have a very small japanese roller that – on some evenings – I use to sweep across my cheek area to give more impact. I finish with pinching movement to my neck and knuckling to that area.

  • I then apply Dermalogica overnight serum and Vichy Night Liftactiv and an eye cream to the socket area.
A sophisticated massage regime with focus on lip lines and lifting, diligently carried out 4-5 times a week. The serum – the most active part of the routine – has the same basis as her massage oil. The focus is on nurture, lift & regeneration and the massage enhances the efficacy of the night care routine.
  • Treatments, Supplements & Relaxation: I exfoliate about once a week and use a moisturising mask twice a week if I remember. I also take 1 x Echiomega seed oil capsule once a day.
  •  In an ideal world I would like to say I also did 20mins meditation or quiet time each day but this does not really happen. Although when it does I do feel more serene.
Taking time for self is an important part of the day – even more so in stressful and busy times. 
  • Skincare does not have to be EXPENSIVE to deliver results. The secret is in designing your routines with a rationale – and changing them every season.
  • Look for new products with a SMART combination of actives that works for your facial skin in a dynamic way – some stimulating & some calming, depending on your age, skin type & concerns and the facial zone you target. If unsure about your choices, book a personalised consultation.
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