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SAVE or SPEND REVIEW: Aldi Cuvee Moisturisers

By 30th September 2016December 6th, 2016One Comment

Skin Feel Perception Study, summer 2016

We ran a small perception study on the 2016 Cuvee moisturisers. This was an independent study [not funded by Aldi or any other 3rd party]. Please note that Aldi have independent data on improvement of skin parameters. The participants were unaware of this as well as the packaging; they were only evaluating “skin feel”. 

The age and skin types of my participants are below – they are a group of skincare connoisseurs – enjoying a spectrum of brands – natural, professional, medical to prestige. All based in Yorkshire, Caucasian and like a bargain too!

Connotations: The Neck Mousse

KS: Good connotations [with the limitation of any mass-market offering]. The British are yet to learn to use neck creams. This product might be an introduction.. 

The product texture is right for hydration of the neck area. Different skin types respond differently – for some too rich, for others not enough but the product absorbs well and that is important. Recommended for all skin types aged 45 +. Great gift for your mother or aunt. SPEND [FOR YOURSELF AND THE FAMILY].

  • I loved the neck cream, it did make a difference. 
  • “I felt I was using something nourishing. It felt good on my skin, silky, creamy, even like an “expensive” product.”
  • I am not sure without any packaging but feel it should be “luxurious”.
  • It was pleasant. I did very much like the scent but there was nothing different or exceptional about it. But again, I expect it will be inexpensive and, therefore, when using it I might find a better effect than can be achieved with a limited trial.
  • I prefer a separate cream for the neck to the face cream. 
  • I like the fact that it is specifically for neck/decolete. It is possibly too rich to be used on the face. 

Texture & Absorption:

  • I liked the texture, it felt just right.
  • My skin felt well nourished and soft. Not too oily or rich, just right.
  • This product is ok for me.
  • The texture and feel of the cream was fine. I thought it could have been a little richer.
  • Feels just right.
  • Nice, light texture. Much nicer than the face cream.
  • I quite liked the texture, it wasn’t too oily.

Comments on absorption: all participants felt it absorbed well. They could slide fingers to rub it in, without any pulling at all.

Connotations of the DAY/NIGHT CREAM: INTENSIVE 24 hrs CREAM Mousse

KS: The expectation of a “cream/mousse” is lighter, this is a buttery, nourishing cream that leaves a protective film. Suited for mature to dry skin types – people working outdoors and spending a long time in cold weather. The cream has no SPF and can be used as both day & night moisturiser. Dermatologists do recommend SPF 15 in daycare. Age 45 +. SPEND [AS A GIFT FOR YOUR OUTDOORS FRIEND].

  • In an ideal world I could put it on at night, just swish with water in the morning and then pop it on again at night.
  • The first time I used the product, it felt like a ‘high price’ product. It felt so good on my skin.
  • I think a mousse should be light and fluffy and this seems quite heavy.
  • Fresh, brightening. I suspect it will be quite inexpensive and therefore I anticipate it will be quite good value for money.
  • I feel it suggests that you don’t need a different night cream.
  • It didn’t feel light, like a mousse..
  • Should it be mousse? It implies that you need only apply once a day and that it has a light whipped texture.

Texture & Absorption:

  • The texture was slightly too solid.
  • Texture is lovely. I would describe it as a cream more than a mousse? It didn’t feel at ‘airy’ as a mousse. I loved it and didn’t find it too oily or too rich. Perfect.
  • I feel it is not quite light enough for a mousse and is a bit too rich for me.
  • The texture was good. It was quite thick/rich without being heavy and felt good when I warmed it in my hands before massaging into my skin. I did feel it left a light dewy effect on the skin giving a radiance.
  • I love this cream. It’s thicker than usual moisturiser but not heavy on the face.
  • Feels nice – just right.
  • It was a little too thick for me, though once on it didn’t feel too rich or oily

Comments on absorption: 3 participants felt it absorbed really well, fingers sliding well. 4 felt it was not totally absorbed – not the best product they had used for absorption [but it was OK] or felt it was dragging a little as spread it over their skin.

Overall Rating: Neck > 24 Hrs Mousse for Face. The face cream can feel a little too rich – if you are accustomed to prestige skincare or have oily, combination or normal skin type. Preferences in scent and colour vary. It is not a custom in Britain to have 2 separate creams – for the neck and face – but Aldi offer a nice way in..


Participants: JE, IR, PK, HH, MS, RB, TB. June 2016. 

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