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SAVE or SPEND REVIEW: Aldi Cuvee 2016 Advent Calendar

We ran a small perception study on the 2016 Aldi Cuvee Royal Advent Calendar, which features 24 skincare treats for the month of December. The calendar contains a mix of ‘mini-treatment ampules’ for all skin types, including acne-prone and oily skin. Given the age and skin types of my participants, we tested 3 different ampules – hydrating, lifting and bi-phasic rejuvenating ampule with retinol – each for two consecutive nights. 

This was an independent study and the participants were unaware of any clinical results or packaging; they were evaluating “skin feel” and ampule application only.  Age and skin type of participants below, all Caucasian and based in Yorkshire.

In Summary

Ampules are new to the British consumer. They work great when used seasonally, for a specific outcome. The measured-out dose is perceived as a benefit, yet it is clear the liquid formulas should be mixed with a night moisturiser [or an evening oil]. As the Aldi Calendar contains high-tech active ingredients, the actives in the night moisturiser have to be compatible with the ampules [the combination with the Aldi Cuvee moisturisers should work well]. The calendar offers a route to personalisation, however, it caters for too many different skin types at once, without detailed instructions. RRP 19.99 GBP

SPEND. Ideal for combination skin types [with oily T-zone and dry U-zone] aged 40 +. Alternatively, good for women with normal to dry skin that can share the calendar with their teenage daughter. 

Participants’ Comments on Using Ampules

  • PROS:
    • Ampules are a first for me. I like the idea of using them for special outcomes, for the chin area and cheeks. 
    • I like the fact that each usage is measured out in the single ampules.
    • You know you have the right amount each time.
    • I don’t have any issues personally with using a product packaged in this manner. If it is one per day, I see it as positive as it means greater hygiene.
  • CONS: A little fiddly – NOTED BY 3 PARTICIPANTS [but not a problem]
    • Not ideal for travelling
    • Maybe more difficult for older users with slightly arthritic hands. But for this type of use I preferred them to sachets as I felt I got more product out. 

“Without adding it to a small amount of base oil I found it a rather disappointing experience. First of all I tipped the oil into my palm and because it was such a thin consistency I lost about a third of it before I could apply it to my face, as it ran through my fingers. Also once on my skin it did not feel rich enough for me, just a little thicker than water and sank very quickly into my skin where as I preferred it when mixed with a richer oil as it felt more like it was nourishing my face.”

THE PARTICIPANTS WERE ADVISED TO MIX THE AMPULES WITH A NIGHT OIL [rose hip, jojoba and camellia plant oil mixture] AND LEAVE ON AS A MASK OVERNIGHT. They had to add ‘the right amount of nurturing oil’ according to their own skin type – a trial and error to start with and follow with a night cream if required. 

  • Nice thin residue as I tried to massage each night. No need for extra cream.
  • I found using the right amount of carrier oil was a bit tricky at first, the mixture took a while to settle into my skin. I did use a moisturiser on my cheeks.
  • The mixture absorbed well, and felt good on my skin and it surprised me that I did not feel as if I needed to or wanted to add a cream on top.
  • It took a lot of pushing into the skin and there was a slightly oily residue left on the skin. I didn’t apply night moisturiser generally and if I did it was very light.
  • It was slightly oily but that could have been the amount of oil I added. I did not need a night moisturiser as well.


  • Silky and smooth
  • Smooth, similar to night cream 
  • My skin felt soft and hydrated the following day
  • Nice and hydrated
  • I didn’t notice any real difference


  • Yes, my skin feels more hydrated. 
  • Because I always use a serum and night cream, I did not see any significant change in my skin but I did like using the oils and how they felt.
  • My skin feels good but then I had a massage ten days ago and my skin has felt in good condition ever since. It may be these products have helped to extend the good work of the massage. However, the weather has been changing and I have not experienced the normal rapid dehydration of my skin so maybe they have had a better effect than I am crediting them with.
  • Not sure I noticed that.
  • Whilst I can’t say there has been a positive change in my skin condition. There has not been any negatives and it may be that a longer use would be beneficial. 


  • PROS
    • I definitely liked mixing with the oil, made the product richer and worked well on my skin.
    • Mixing with oil was very good, it would have been unworkable otherwise. I think it would depend on the moisturiser and ensuring it was a suitable accompaniment to the ampule’s contents.
  • CONS
    • I think mixing with the moisturiser would be quicker and more accurate
    • Mixing with the oil a bit fiddly, it would be easier with night moisturiser
    • I found it fiddly and time consuming compared to using a cream. Mixing with a cream would be easier and less messy and time consuming. 


  • I would like to try just using an oil on an evening from now on, felt more hydrating than serum and cream. 
  • I have enjoyed it. I have found it interesting using the different products and recognising how to combine to make products useable. 
I would like to thank the participants for their comments. If you have bought the Advent Calendar and are waiting to use it before Christmas, please register your email address in the comment section below – to receive tips on personalisation. 
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