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Our face is different from the next person – it reflects our health and wellbeing and tells our life story. It is a map of our life that shows how have we integrated our experiences over time. Research suggests that we can read other people’s faces in terms of age and health to give a personal measure of attractiveness.

The aim of this service is initially to develop a personalised skincare routine. Ongoing consultations are complimentary to my regular clients to help them tailor their skincare products and therapies to seasonal changes in skin.


Personalised Skincare Consultation for Skin Health & Concerns

Personalised consultation following an on-line questionnaire. I perform an initial screen of the lifestyle and skincare questionnaire to discuss it with the client in detail. Hands-on skin diagnosis follows, with a personalised treatment tailored to skin type and concerns. Detailed research of skincare across all brands is carried out and emailed to the client with recommendations of skincare products, regular treatments, diet changes and relaxation.

90 minutes.

2 reviews for Skincare Consultation

  1. Kate

    Katerina has expertly guided me in my skin care routine. Not only recommending which products to use, but how best to use them and when, day or night – even down to the time of year to use them. She watches the skin and how it reacts to certain ingredients and makes small adjustments which have a profound effect on the overall look and feel of the skin. She has an intuitive touch and can release tension and stress in the mind and in the body by first releasing it in the face.
    Katerina has all the tools to give you back your glow!

  2. Beverley

    I first visited Katerina for two reasons. I saw a friend who was absolutely glowing and it turned out she was a client of Katerina’s and had been for a facial massage just a couple of days before I saw her. I then decided to see Katerina for an initial consultation as I had begun to think I had rosacea and was struggling to calm my skin down.

    Katerina asked lots of detailed questions and effectively put my skin on a ‘diet’ as I had been using too many products and was making the situation worse (not to mention spending too much unnecessarily!). Within 6 weeks of following Katerina’s suggestions my skin had just about cleared up.

    Over the last few years I have seen Katerina every 4 weeks and my skin is the best it has been in a many years. Friends and family have commented on the improvement, many of who do not know that I see Katerina.

    Aside from enjoying the massage, I get such a lot of useful information from Katerina. She recommends my skincare routine that changes with the seasons and she always offers a range to suit my budget at the time. I have never purchased a recommended product that has not delivered and as Katerina is independent I have the confidence that I am not being directed to products due to any connection with a brand. It is a relief not to have to listen to the sales pitch on the cosmetics counters and wonder whether or not it is true.

    Of course, I know my face would improve further still if I committed more time to the home facial massage/yoga she demonstrates and recommends.

    Katerina is definitely a worthwhile investment!!

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