The Science of Healthy Skin and Ageing

Writing about wellbeing from a scientific standpoint, I am keen to translate the latest research into clinical practice. The advancement of science in the Microbiome area is unprecedented – learning from the gut impact on health and mental wellbeing. And so with the skin – brain connection, the fMRI brain images of skin contact of mother and child are revolutionary.

The skin is an envelope of our body and internal health – both physical and mental health, etched into the surface and visible. As a skin specialist, I have joined the Old Hall Clinic in Manchester to work alongside the best in alternative medicine in the North. I am also looking forward to aligning my practice with the US Personalised Lifestyle Medicine Institute early next year.

Everyone can practise wellbeing and Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s podcasts are a great way to start. The art and science of the life/work balance, our daily choices and rituals, the balance of physical touch and virtual-world exposure – we will be facing these forever. The internet of things is connecting and disconnecting at the same time.

Please join me to explore new science-based and practical recommendations for your skin health and ageing, personalised to your skin type, lifestyle and circumstances. By appointment only.

Old Hall Clinic, Gatley, Greater Manchester, SK8 4BE
0161 428 4222

For more information, please see my leaflet below. See also my clinic page.


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