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FaceWorkshops Case Study: Body Shop Facial Workout

By 28th February 2016December 7th, 2016No Comments
In our February FaceWorkshops MiniCase Study, we tried the new Body Shop facial massage. I did not have many volunteers for this routine, therefore only two – however, very comprehensive views – below.
The participants cleansed with their own cleansers, then used a few drops of their plant oil and worked with the video routine from Step 3. They applied their own moisturiser as the last step.
Participant A’s Comments:
The Positives
  • NEW STROKE TYPES. I really like the stroke across the for head using two fingers from each hand. I also like the first stroke using the fingers across the chin – it’s very similar to the motion used by Su Mann in her massage which I really enjoy.

After that it’s hard to add anything else..

  • SHORT. It’s a very short program designed for someone who had little time or inclination to put a lot of effort into their massage.
  • EFFICACY? Indeed I felt as if I might as well have just massaged the oil into my skin (dry to mature skin type) using a circular motion it seemed so short.
Participant B’s Comments:
  • YOUNGER AUDIENCE. I think this video is probably aimed at a younger audience. It reminded me of a teenage  girl singing into her hairbrush in front of the mirror and I did find the bobbing around very annoying.
  • SHORT & RUSHED TUTORIAL. It also seemed very rushed which may appeal to those with not much time but I like my massage to be very slow and meditative whereas this was quite lively and more suited to waking up in the morning than relaxing in the evening.
  • NEW STROKE TYPE. The only new one for me was the horizontal one on the forehead and, maybe because it was new, I found it really difficult – I kept knocking my fingertips together.
  • EFFICACY. Although this is not that positive, the massage did make my sensitive skin tingle – so I think I would use it in the morning especially if I was feeling sluggish and was in a hurry. It would perhaps be a good introduction to massage techniques for someone who had not done it before though I found it difficult to keep up with her for some parts of the video.


  • PARTICIPANT A: Personally I would rather follow a routine which is longer and more robust.
  • PARTICIPANT B: The massage techniques were more or less the same as the ones I already do though it seemed strange beginning at the jaw line and working upwards… I suppose it is just what you are used to. I do like many more repeats though which is perhaps intended but not made clear.

PLUS. This is a Morning Massage routine. For 30 + audience or people with limited time. Invigorating, blood flow stimulating if applying medium pressure. Designed to work with the massage devices. 

MINUS. Very fast pace of tutorial. Massage oils work in the evening (regeneration, no need to follow-up with make-up). Longer, gentler relaxation-based massage would bring about stress relief to benefit our brain & body.

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