As it seems the solitude and inward focus of skincare rituals of 2020 are likely to go on for a few more months, I thought I would share some recent articles with you. I have had the opportunity to publish a few articles reflecting on life around us in C&T – the profound importance of mindfully cleansing your skin, soothing skin sensitivity and connecting deeply to ourselves through our ‘less used senses – smell and touch’.

Our awareness of the rich and diverse microbiome world around us has increased exponentially in the last year or so, and I have contributed to the scientific awareness of how they impact on our skin in stressful times of isolation and, more importantly, how they inhabit our bodies and communicate with our brains. Try reading this piece on the website The Secret Life of Skin.

Going into late winter and spring, it is all about our resilience and weathering the last stretch. In my online consultations, I discuss the onset of acne and sensitivity more than before because internally people are getting very stressed and tired. Stress causes skin reactivity and I know that eczema patches, spots and blemishes are on the rise amongst my clients. Nature has greatly recovered from the hand of civilisation but the disruption of our normal daily life and uncertainty negatively impacts our wellbeing.

My skincare recommendations

My recommendation is to pay attention to self – to edit your skincare routine for gentle skin feel, with less stripping off the skin lipids, and incorporate mild natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Eat a healthy diet, exercise and approach the last lockdown as a ‘long flight’. Meditation, mindfulness, laughter with a friend – these all help to alleviate grief, stress and loneliness.

A photo of a style clinic article in the Yorkshire Post, featuring Dr Katerina Steventon

Featured in the Yorkshire Post Magazine over the weekend (above), I believe that caring, targeted touch techniques help the brain to balance and bring in relaxing alpha waves as well as enhance the facial skin. Seeking the ‘right skin feel’ for each skin type and season is often a forgotten art of the daily skincare routine. Take time to feel your skincare products, care for your face, understand the efficacy and provenance of chosen ingredients and enjoy the flow of your routine. Life is slow now, let’s make the best of it!

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