In the New Year, we will be discussing the “power facial” and “face gym” as an alternative to Botox. All of the most sought-after London facialists are offering facial massage-based treatments:

  • Nicola Joss is renowned for incorporating internal mouth work into her facial massage to reduce tension and loosen the jaw.
  • Deborah Mitchell treats Botox-free celebrities with LIA therapy technique, a nonsurgical healing facelift, to tighten the skin and clear sinuses.
  • Amanda Lacey promotes facial manipulation to redefine, soften and relax the face, so it looks natural.

There is no need to travel to London to appreciate a “facial with a difference”. My facial massage based treatments are on a par with the London offerings for a fraction of the price. The FaceWorkshops Anti-Ageing Massage treatment is an advanced massage sequence of ten complementary steps – backed up with science – brings your face back to life. It makes you instantly feel and look good and if done regularly, it will stimulate and tone your facial muscles and lift and contour the face, giving it a better definition.

All facials need commitment. All facials need commitment – they are no one-hit wonder. If you come once, it will give you a glow. Ideally, you would have a course of treatments close together and come back regularly for top-ups. As Nicola Joss, London facialist, says; “If you want a toned, defined body, you work out; the same goes for the face.”

As one of my clients says:

“I’m now a convert to facial massage, on a regular basis though it’s much more than just a massage, the feeling of been nurtured and cared for is wonderful. We only have one face, so don’t we owe it to ourselfs to take care of it, if you are still sceptical, do as I did, have one session, see the difference, and see a whole new you in the bathroom mirror.”



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