Lightening & Brightening skincare should reflect that the skin is challenged by transition from cold outdoors to warm indoor temperature in winter. 

The range of brightening skincare products is overwhelming – and reading the INCI lists essential. Traditional plant extracts have a renaissance in natural skincare. They target all aspects of skin repair such as dull appearance, sub-clinical inflammation aggravated by weather changes, patches of redness and oiliness at the same time, overall uneven skin tone. It is the combination of actives contained in the plant extracts as well as the levels of the extract used that deliver clinical results.

Some of the plant staples to look for in your products are listed below:

For Extra Hydration 

  • Lupin – for skin hydration and improved barrier function
  • Lady’s Smock – rich in amino acids and helps skin recovery (re-epithelialisation)

Anti-inflammatory Actives

  • Borage – anti-inflammatory, capillary dilating compounds incl. gamma-linolenic acid
  • Centella asiatica – alleviates fragility of capillaries and facilitates re-epithelialisation


  • Shiitake mushroom (contains kojic acid) – prevents melanin formation and collagen breakdown, astringent
  • Mulberry root – brightening, tyrosinase inhibitor reduces melanin synthesis
  • Grape (contains resveratrol) – strong antioxidant, prevents melanin formation and transfer
  • and last but not least Licorice root used in my signature Anti-Ageing Serum ‘4’ – brightening, tyrosinase inhibitor reduces melanin synthesis – also anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial (contains saponins, flavonoids) and also alleviates skin sagging

Happy INCI list reading – and feel free to share your comments!

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