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Facial Yoga & Breathing: Can They Change Our Brain and Emotions?

By 23rd October 2012December 7th, 2016One Comment

I am attending seminars on Yoga & Mind in London next week and will be updating this blog with news.

Heart & Mind Connection

Our emotional health and wellbeing requires harmonizing the interplay between the heart and the brain and I advocate focused relaxation – an hour or so away from the daily stressful life – among my clients.

A few words about emotion and meditation and chants by Dr Alan Watkins

Alleviating Stress and Anxiety

“Yoga and focused breathing appear to enable the person to divert their attention from an upsetting state to a point of inner emotional stability”

By changing breathing patterns, we can alter the messages from the body to the brain. Through these pathways, we can see how specific breathing techniques can alleviate anxiety, insomnia, intrusive memories, over-reactions, distorted body perceptions, disconnectedness and loss of meaning. This research attracts worldwide attention and reflects a new development that crosses psychology, psychotherapy and physiology.

Also, while chanting, our heart rate and blood pressure dip to its lowest in the day. Even listening to chants normalises adrenalin levels, brain wave pattern and lowers cholesterol levels. 

“By doing yoga, we are rooted in the body when the mind focuses and settles.”

Emotional Brain

Richard Davidson with monk


Open Hearts – positive emotions induced by loving kindness meditation – help us to be healthier.

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